What's the best HDMI cable that you have tried ?

The best low priced HDMI cable...Sony Flat DLC-HD18HFW from WalMart. The best on the market that I have tried...WireWorld Silver Starlight 5.2
I use the Wire World too. Use VDH on the bedroom set as I am a dealer, it is good also. Monoprice is quite good for a very low price.
Parts Express Flat HDMI cable. I tried 5 aftermarket more expensive cables until I stumbled upon one of these. Ultimately replaced all five cables in two systems.
Ya, me 3. (After incorrectly assuming more expensive is better.) I own one of them there 6 hundred dollar WireWorld Silver hdmi's.
I have 2 cable boxes going to the same tv and the freebie from TWC is the WW's equal.--Why would someone need 2 boxes going to the same tv?--I can record 2 programs at the same time and watch a third,on the other box. Also, I can give the programs I'm recording a head start,(NBA finals)then zoom thru the commercials.--My tv is the Pioneer elite plasma,60 inch-er.
The Amazon's Ultra-High-Speed HDMI Cable is fantastic and a great value. It is very well shielded. I can easily see the difference when
comparing to a stocked cable. Playing the blu ray disc "Up", I can see noise in the blue sky with stocked cable but it is
absolutely noise free using the Amazon cable. I got it for $19.95 (3M) but its price has gone up to 25.90 recently but it is still a great buy

All I can say is that my wife knows nothing and cares less about audio and video and she had no trouble seeing the difference between first the stock cable and the Monoprice and then between it and the two more expensive ones. Of course we have Direct TV; I have never had a cable picture I was happy with.
Dave Schulte of the Upgrade Company did some tests with 1 and 2 meter HDMI cables last summer. From these tests they found out that 2 meter cables performed far better vs 1 meter cables. The best performing HDMI cable from these tests was the WireWorld silver starlight 5.2
From Dave Schulte, the technical explanation why 2 meter length is better than 1 meter length is that there is tremendous ringing produced by the short length, the 2 meter length creates a "delay line" so that when the signal bounces at the end, which invariably occurs, it does not come back so fast as to disturb the signal being sent at the begining of the cable... After you get a hdmi cable like a Wireworld silver starlight 5.2 the law of diminishing returns sets in.
If you replace the stock cords on your video gear (HDTV's too) with better cables, you will see the differences with HDMI cables more....
The very best power cable I have ever used with video gear is diy CryoMax 3 cable from cryo-parts with Oyaide p/c 004 ac connectors...
I tried some diy dh labs power plus power cables on my pioneer plasma and video gear and liked it better than my CryoMax 3 power cable with Oyaide p/c-004 connectors!.. I found a review on the dh labs power cables and the reviewer replaced his high priced power cables with dh labs for video too... http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/viewpoint/0803/aachapter47.htm
Most of the PC plugs are too big to fit the Panasonic plasma TVs that we use. I finally found a cheaper Oyaide cable that fit and it improved the picture.
I replaced my stock power cord on my directv HD receiver with a diy dh labs power plus with wattgate connectors and my silver starlight 5.2's colors really POPS OUT at me now!..After I replaced the stock power cords on my pioneer HDTV and HD receiver it's looks almost as good as Blu-Ray now!..
Please, include in your list the Transparent DVI Premium HDMI video cables is by far superior to wireworld, it is amazing how good it is on: shadow detail, deep colors and space and how much clear the picture
They make a new power cord adapter for the HD satellite receivers now called cloverleaf C5 IEC adapter and some of the HDTV's will need a power cord IEC adapter too.
One my friends ordered one of these cloverleaf c5 IEC adapters for his HD satellite receicer and they are on backorder ever place he checked....I also heard that Directv will start changing to 1080p by the end of the year!...
Someone over at audioasylum took some of Alan Maher's CBF crystals and put the crystals inside the housing of a ac plug and ac IEC connectors. He said it improved audio and video a lot! http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/tweaks/messages/17/170427.htm
I took some Oatey thread seal tape from WalMart and tightly wraped it around my WireWorld 5.2 HDMI cable. I covered the whole cable with this stuff and it took about 2 rolls to do 2 meters. Now my TV picture looks more film-like with richer colors after doing this tweak to it.
I put two more coating of teflon tape on my WireWorld HDMI cable and this seems to be the sweet spot on this tweak. The HD picture looks very film-like with very vivid colors now! Three coatings teflon tape lowers the noise floor a lot! Next I'm going to do all my power cables.
I have been trying out a 2.0 meter Cryo'd Wegrzyn 5N Pure Silver Signature HDMI cable and its by FAR the BEST HDMI I have EVER tried ! My Cryo'd Wireworld Starlight 5.2 HDMI cable looked very FLAT and DULL looking compared to my new Wegrzyn 5N silver HDMI cable !! For more than two years now I have been missing out on the FULL POTENTIAL of my 9.5G Pioneer Plasma !! With this Wegrzyn 5N HDMI cable in my system its like my Pioneer Plasma got a FULL CALIBRATION !! Yes its that GOOD !! The Sharpness, Picture Depth, Brightness and DEEP Rich Vivid Colors are really AMAZING !!.. "THIS IS A MUST TRY HDMI CABLE" !!
I think after trying to many cables, the best one is transpsrent premium hdmi cable, this make our projector increase ansi contrast a lot and best image i have ever seen