What model Altecs are these?

Trying to help a friend identify a pair of Altecs (definitely not VOTs, so don’t get your hopes up!).

I don’t know how to include pictures here, so I’ve posted them here:

Any leads appreciated. Thanks.

They do look like they have Vott components. the horn looks like the 811 model, though not sure because I can't see the front of the horn. the wooden speaker itself looks somewhat like an early 846-A Flemenco. Just my observation. Could be totally wrong here. Hope this would be of some help to you.
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Altec Valentias
Quite possibly. Early Valencia's. I had the later version Valencia. The 846-B. It was an upgrade driver wise but had a plain, large walnut veneered box with two large ports on the front. It was the home version of the Altec A-7 system, or more commonly known as "The Voice of the Theatre." (VOTT)
Thanks all.  This was a big help.