What is a NOS 6SN7 tube with these tube testers??

I am very familiar with the TV-7 and Hickok tube testers and what level for a 6SN7 tube is a like-new tube and what is passing.

What is the like-new and pass ratings for a 6SN7 tube using a B&K, Sencore, Eico, Jackson, or any other brand people have experience with?

Any website with this information would also be great!!

A lot of tube ads on the web quote the test results, but without a frame of reference, they are not very useful.
try tube asylum....or tube diy asylum. Might also call the Atmasphere folks I think they use these tubes.
There was a site with links covering this exact subject. For some reason the server is down or the web site has been removed.

The link provided below is only in "cache" with Google. If you find value in the comparisons I would print it out before they remove it. Hopefully the original will return with data intact.
Thanks Albert I'll look around there.

I've been to tube asylum. Their threads are disorganized, and a search no matter how detailed gets hundreds of hits in no particular order.
Sugarbrie, you can at least specify the order of results at Audio Asylum. The function is near the bottom of the search specification area.
What I did find earlier on Tube Asylum that 100% for a 6SN7 on a Triplett tester is 3000. Nothing else.
Ask Kara Chafee. She repairs hickock testers and with an email address of [email protected] should be able to give a definitive answer! That said, I think its more important to have the two triode sections in an individual tube to be closely matched than the absolute values.
-Stephen C.