Which of these power cords is best?

I've read great things about the following power cords
- Ven Haus Pulsar $160-200
- Zcable $500
- Michael Wolff $600

Has anyone heard two or more of these? Which do you think would be the best for my system and worth the bucks?

- System -
Meridian CD player - 508.24
Meridian preamp
VAC PA 100/100 amp
Cardas Quadlink interconnects
DH Labs Q10 speaker wire
Tyler custom 3 way Linbrooks
stock power cords currently
Pulsar's are not power cords, they are interconnects. Chris of VH Audio offers 4 different power cord designs. The various designs are marketed as different "flavours" aka "Flavour 1", "Flavour 2", etc... Don't know anything about any of the others except for what has been said in various forums about them. Sean
I have the VH Audio Flavor 4 on my cdp and I'm very happy with the results. Don't know too much about the ZCable but I've read some good things about Michael Wolff's cords.
As always, you need to plug these in to your own components and let them burn-in before making your final determination.
What may sound good in my system and to my ears may not be your cup of tea.
Audition them all and have fun!
Good Luck.
In my experience, the Michael Wolff's were by far the best cable I've tried. Get one on home audition and see how it does in your system. His source cord made more of a difference in my system than ANYTHING else I've done. No kidding.
The latest Wolff gain cords are the best cords for amps I have heard. As for pre amps and digital, make sure you get to try any cord before you buy. The three I would consider are the Wolff source cord( I want to hear it), the Silent Source Signature, and the new Morray James 2.5 ( I own both of these)

If you want to hear an even bigger difference with your system, try the Wolff source cord. The gain was undoubtedly noticeable (just as Michael suggested), but the source cord was monumental. After four days, it opened up and the sound became cavernous. Several weeks later, it's better still.
P.S.--I have not tried Z cable. And the only VH Audio product I had was their Hot Box. It did not work well in my system, at least to my (and my wife's) ears.
You guys recommending the Wolff source cord realize Michael Wolff no
longer offers in-home trials, right?


It's unfortunate because the in-home trial seemed to be a major
incentive for trying the Wolff cords and thereby overcoming objections
to their cost.
I have tried the Wolf cords on my Meridian 508.24. It was good but not too great in the Dyanmic's or slam factor (or however it is described.)
Music seemed relaxed , but too relaxed.
For the same money you can get a Electraglide Ultra Khan ll Statement .
Now, that cable really brings to life the Meridian.
Also, try the Cardas golden reference power cord. It offers a dramatic improvement in digital and other components. The drop in noise floor was not subtle. Try all before you buy. Jallen
I have just put a VH Audio Flavor 4 with Gold connectors(highly rcommend you get the gold as i found it far superior sounding to the standard flavor 4 with cryo'd connectors) on my cdp and my goodness does that sound good on there.Highly recommended!! And a 4'er for $259 is half the cost of the Wolff cord and you have the 60 day trial period to make up your own mind and ears on the matter.Got to love that.I'm sure that Wolff cord rocks too and i would love to hear that but funds sent me in this direction and i am very happy thus far with the Gold flavor 4 VH cord.Good luck to ya in your search
Obviously there are many exceptions to this claim, but I generally believe that you get what you pay for. I have consistently seen this with every independent audio manufacturer whose product I've purchased or auditioned: Wright Sound, Quicksilver, Silverline, Wolff, Resolution Audio, etc. Their marketing and advertising costs are in the product itself.

The bigger companies produce superb products as well, but you are always paying for more than the product. When I saw Banana Republic spend $50K for a one day shoot, I suddenly realized why that $2 shirt became $40 by the time it made the catalog. I don't mean to take the thread in another direction. It's just something I consider when trying to get the most performance for my money.
One other consideration, Cdc2, is that you might want to consider trying out some other speaker cables as well. You have a stellar component setup, and I would guess that the Q10's curb the potential of your system. I've tried the Q10's against at least five other cables and found this to be the case each time.
Looks like Audience has increased their prices...