What kind of listener are you?

I'm an All-Arounder: Equal parts Analytical, Thrill, and Feeling. Push comes to shove feeling matters most, but they are all very close to equally important to me. 

This is a very useful breakdown of a very complex subject, listening. How we listen to and evaluate components and systems. 

What kind of listener are you?
I have watched my listening change dramatically over the decades. When I was very young, equipment of any value was not to be found, yet I listened to music with awe, wanting better equipment. That came along in time, and the spirit of the music was still there. I listened often and to a wide variety of music. Maybe I was 40 years old, and before that point had started to turn into the analytical listener. It inspired me to appreciate the equipment that I was able to afford, and there are no regrets for that. Now that I am in my early 60’s, I listen less often, but when I do, it is a mix, depending on the quality of the recording, the mood that I am in, and of course, how the music moves me. I wish that I were young again.
I'm classically trained singer. I listen to music and not only sound. The music has to be able to move me.
It depends on the system. When I build a good system (which I have) I'm a fantastic listener of all kinds of music.
Has anyone out there read Aaron Copland’ s What To Listen For In Music?

I had to read it decades ago, back in high school music class. A really good read with the composer shedding some insights that are memorable.

He broke down listening into different qualities: I recall the Sensuous Plane, the Expressive Plane, and the Purely Musical Plane. I will have to give it another read, as well as pull out the score to Appalachian Spring, signed by the composer for me when I was 13 years old. Highly recommended reading about this subject.

Here’s the link to a free PDF, if anyone is interested. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://eportfolios.macaulay.cuny.e...

Thanks for the questions, and starting this thread!