Any WGBH FM radio listeners in S. Maine or Vermont

I live in the metro-Boston area & love WGBH FM radio for its Jazz & Classical programming. I'm thinking of relocating & wondering if there are any tuner fans getting this station in Maine, VT, or NH?

I get the station on my car radio about as far as Kittery ME., by Kennebunk it's getting iffy. I've thought of getting a Yagi FM antenna, but it seems pretty difficult to know in advance what the results would be. Right now I'm thinking of moving to Kennebunkport or Portland (betw. 90--120 miles N. of Boston).

BTW, I've checked the range of WGBH (a 98,000 watt station) on's "fringe range" seems about 50-60 miles; so I'm wondering what a great outdoor antenna could do. They do provide streaming audio, but from what I've read, it would be a poor substitute for listening with my Fanfare Tuner.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
I went to Deerfield Academy in the 80's...I believe that it is about 90 miles from Boston...WGBH was the station that we all listened to in addition to the school station...but I just remember listening to rock back then
I'm not sure if they are rebroadcasting from a more local station, but my folks listen to WGBH in southern Vermont. No special antenna's either. Good station last time I was there. Seems like a lot of public radio stations are revising their programming these days to cater to a more main-stream audiences. Such is the case with some stations local to me in Seattle. Is nothing sacred?!

Since the signal will be over flat land and water, I think it may be doable with a high enough gain antenna. Manchester, NH pulls in WGBH okay but that's only about 50 miles. North of Manchester, in the foothills of the White Mountains, it gets bad real quick. Call 41, over in Kennebunkport, and ask him if you can bring an antenna and your Fanfare over to try it at his compound ;^)
I'm listening to WGBH FM in Gardner, MA.
Gardner is about 80 miles away. With the Magnum Dynalab ST-2 whip antenna this station comes in fine here.


Paul :-)
Call the station, and see if they have an area coverage map (engineering dept).
Thanks for all the sounds encouraging. (If I were more knowledgeable about FM reception, antennas, etc., I'd have more of an idea about the distance issue). I am checking out APS antennas also.

I wonder if I could get a Tivoli radio, or other portable radio, that has a connection for my Magnum Dynalab ST-2 antenna, & take it with me on various trips to check out the reception? If a portable radio wouldn't work for that, I suppose I could box up one of my tuners w/a small integrated amp that has a Headphone Output, + the MD antenna. A bit extreme, but someone staying in a hotel room for a night or 2 could do that.

I guess I need to consider the topography, as well as the distance, right? Like, probably Portland ME would have better reception with WGBH than Brattleboro VT? Or? Or maybe not, based on what Jax2 said about reception in S. VT.

thanks again, steve