Bel Canto Dac 3.7. Any listeners?

If anyone had the chance to compare the new Bel Canto 3.7 to the 3.5BVS MKll, please do share your comparisons.
I had my mk2 updated to the 3.7. It is better in every way. You need a revealing source to hear the true potential of the improvements. I switched from an Oppo BDP-95 to a Computer source --> REF Link --> DAC with ST fiber and was totally blown away at the difference. The mk2 was excellent. The 3.7 mod takes you that much closer to real life. Definitely worth it. Also, I must add, in my set-up, the ST fiber provides a more lifelike and detailed sound than the other inputs.
Hi Scott I should add that I am running the DAC with Bel Canto REF 500M mono blocks so there is synergy here. Speakers are Dunlavy SM1s. System is located in a heavily treated room. The sound to my ears is dead neutral.
The upgrade to the 3.7 caused immediate improvement, but I am not certain how to describe it. There certainly is more detail, especially noticeable in the mid-range and top end. It also sounds better tonally, and sounds both more detailed and denser at the same time. There are lyrics in one song, the acoustic version of Rooster by Alice in Chains, I understood for the first time. Johnny Cash singing Hurt is as good as I have heard it. (A cover of Nine Inch Nails.)  I am running this DAC with Bel Canto's REF600M amps.
This, BTW, is without the benefit of break in.