What good tube preamp match for hafler 220 amp?

2nd system set up cambrigde cd player,paradigm mk11 speakers acurus L10 preamp&hafler220amp.Also pair up with acurus a-150 amp but like the sound better from the hafler.My taste from smooth jazz to classic rock Thx Pete215
I use to sell these and I don't remember them being very demanding in pre choice. I would think any good tube would work fine. If you see a rebuilt PAS3 Dynaco that might be good as Dave Hafler designed that as well. Otherwise I would look at older models from established companies like CJ or AR. Smaller companies like Blue Circle make good ones also. I would look for the best bargain if I didn't have a specific sound in mind. The matching Hafler 101 was a good pre for its time although it is SS.
Might want to take a look at the Quicksilver line
When I had a Hafler DH-220 it was paired with a stock McCormack TLC-1. It was a very sweet sounding combination that I liked very much. I don't know if budget is a factor but the cost of a used TLC-1 is probably more than double the cost of a used stock Hafler DH-220 right now.
Thanks for your suggestions.I do have a Quicksilver L/S mated to a McCormack modded .05 amp with a Rega apollo.The Q/S was modded by RHBdezigns.The sound is divine and has converted me to tube sound,therefor wanting tube warmth sound in 2nd system.Thx
Looking for warmth but less money than the modded QS L/S? Maybe a used stock QS L/S, used C-J tubed pre, used Cary or Rogue also might do the trick. For a new preamp, not used, the tube preamps from Vincent are affordable and well reviewed. As long as you don't need a balance control, they are worth trying. You can get them from some of the mail order houses with a return option, IIRC.