Hafler Amp Mods

I recently came across a company "Musical Concepts" offering "PA-3C" modifications for the Hafler amps (DH200 - XL600). Has anyone installed those mods? What are the results?
Hello Vikiron,
Musical Concepts has been around for 30+ years. They have had great reviews in the audio publication over all those years. They do specialize in Hafler, Adcom and more.
I have not used them but I'm considering using them to modify my ML-20.6's. When I get serious about HT I will send my (3) Hafler 220's to them for modifications.
Hope my input helps.
Enjoy the music.
Joe Nies
John Hillig at Musical Concepts is the best!!! A master at modding Halfer, any upgrade that he does will transform your amp. If you call him he will give his time and answer all your questions.
I have 2 dh200 mono's that will soon be sent to John, I have all the Blackgate caps just dieing to be installed. The PA-3C boards are the first step!!!!
John is the best, and Halfer's modded by him will out-perform amps in 3 to 6 k price range. The stock dh200 that I have now power Aerial 10t's speakers, with JusicyMusic new Peach II tube Preamp. CAL icon with powerboss upgrade is my cd player!!!
I hope that helps!!!!