Hafler 9505 or Rotel 1080 or Lexicon LX5

I have Klipsch R7 mains and center channel with a Lexicon
MC1 and a Hafler 9290 (145 watt) for mains and an Acurus 100x3 for center and rears. I love the set up, however I want to get more power without going too crazy on price. I have not heard the Rotel or the Lexicon so I was wondering if any one has had the chance to listen to any of these amps and based on the fact I already like the Hafler which would be the best choise for my speakers and for what I would probably think was in the same type of sound catagory as the Hafler.

Thank You,
Stick with the Hafler. Have IXYS Freds installed, they run less that $25 each from Percy Audio, and they will remove the switching noise the factory installed bridge rectifiers impose on the mid range. With that little tweak, the Hafler will kick ars on many a high end amp. Any TV repair shop should be able to do it, though they will have to drill new holes in the bottom of the chassis, and get the right nuts, screws, and washers to mount it, but they may well have them floating around the shop.
My vote goes to the 9505 Hafler. I used these amps for years, great value for the money and sound far beyond the price point.


Paul :-)