What do you use for streaming Classical?

All of the streaming services out there (Tidal, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Qobuz Pandora etc.) pretty much suck for classical music IMHO except Primephonic and the problem with them is they ONLY do classical and they have no wifi controller app so you are tethered to your streamer and not integrated with the rest of your music collection.
I have it from a reliable source that they will integrate with Roon eventually but what do others out there do in the meantime?
I also hear that PSAudio will be coming out with their own proprietary software that will do Classical properly but it will only run on their server and they have been promising something for several years now.
Not sure this really answers your question but I stream classical music through an audioengine B1 with Apple Music on my Android phone. I am considering buying a DAC and stream the digital signal from the B1 through the DAC instead of the DAC in the B1, but so far not felt the urgency as the B1 does a very good job. I also listen regularly to  Radio Swiss Classic using the B1.  
Thanks for the responses. My issue with streaming services other than primephonic is that classical has very unique requirements for music search. Some of the services out there I have tried fail to even recognize that a symphony typically has 4 movements and you want to listen to them one after the other. They look at it like 4 separate songs.  Also different versions with different conductors and orchestras are important.
i have only tried primephonic. Tidal Pandora. So if quobuz or others are better this is what I hope to learn
Primephonic is my go-to classical streaming service. My Mytek Brooklyn Bridge delivers it with excellent fidelity, and the choices they offer is immense. Damn what a library!  Paradise!  Qobuz sometimes (but not always) delivers even better fidelity than Primephonic but its classical library is significantly more limited...if still perfectly okay.

I must report, though, that both services can be glitchy. There are situations where I'll cue up a Primephonic file but the file just won't play. What this means is that I'll try another performance of the piece I want to hear. And usually that performance will cue up. Last night, Qobuz started playing hard-to-get, as well. I'd cue something up and the service would only give me a fraction of a second of it before shutting off. Should I blame one of the updates that Windows perpetually sends my way? I dunno.

BTW, I don't use Roon. I've never felt the need to purchase it. As for the way Primephonic organizes its offerings, to me its a non-issue. It's like going to a different record store.
I tried the Primephonic trial and didn't have any glitches as you report. I agree their choices are immense at least compared to anyone else I have tried - but classical is about 20% of my listening so hard justify Primephonic alone. I would buy them as an additional monthly charge if they were better integrated with Roon or Tidal. They tell me this will probably be the case in a year or so. In the meantime - enjoy!
I think if you listen exclusively or mostly to classical, Roon would offer little benefit but it does integrate your personal digital collection (downloaded or ripped CD's) into their collection if you have some things that they do not.
I understand your issue with how many streaming services display classical tracks and completely agree.
I just switched to Innuos -previously Bluesound- and ended up getting Roon.
Using Qobuz, the Roon app shows detailed track infomation that was lacking in the Bluesound app.- Which is why I ended up using Roon of the Squeezebox app. It is much easier to navigate.
Looking at my Roon app, I see you can direct it to either a folder on your PC or a network drive.
Also, Primephonic is supposed to be adding Roon in the near future.
I must say you have me a little confused here- help me out. As I understand it Squeezebox is music server hardware, Roon is music management software. What are you using as your source of streaming music? You were using Qobuz,
Roon comes with a Tidal subscription. you refer to a folder on your PC or network drive but that would just be for your own digital files.
The Roon subscription is for Roon alone. It does not automatically include Tidal or any other streaming service. (In fact, you could use Roon to manage nothing more than one's own local collection of music files.)  

Roon plays nicely with the Squeezebox  players, whether one of the original devices such as the Touch or one of the current Raspberry Pi Squeezelite players. Roon replaces the Logitech Media Server software.  

Full disclosure, I tried Roon for a month. It was quite nice but I didn't feel it was worth the price.  I still use the Logitech Media Server.    

Finally, I use Qobuz. It integrates nicely with LMS and my own collection. I have no problem finding and enjoying the music I like, which includes a substantial amount of classical.
@mlsstl ,
Thanks for the summation. Spot On.
As I said, I am using Roon with my Innuos-which is a streamer that accepts Roon. and Squeezebox.
Squeezebox is quite competent, but Roon takes it further- smoother interface that has track details, and also an AI 'recommends list' like Spotify (which I found very good).
Which one should you choose?
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@mrbobm -

Like the previous poster, I tried Roon for a month, but it wasn’t for me . . . at least it wasn’t at that time. I have a large library, all carefully tagged, so I can find anything I own.

But now, more and more, I play music from Qobuz, and I am considering Roon again. While the fidelity and selection on Qobuz are fine, I agree that it’s difficult to find specific recordings. I think the combination of Roon and Qobuz would work quite well for that, but at a considerable increase of cost and complexity,  especially considering the added hardware requirements of Roon.

Services that don’t work via WiFi are not for me, either.
@mike_in_nc ,
I only purchased the software ($120/year or so), as the Innuos works with Roon- no need to buy a Roon Core.
The latest version seems to be a significant upgrade over previous versions. IMHO.
I mostly listen to classical (but sometimes other things) and I’ve been happy with Qobuz playing on a streamer controlled by Roon. It isn’t perfect of course, but most of the time I can easily find the particular version of a work I’m looking for, assuming Qobuz has it, and they have a lot. Selecting all the movements of a work is easy — I just hold down my finger on the title of a work, and all the tracks for that work are selected, from the particular recording I chose.

I did play around with Primephonic for a while, but as far as I can tell it isn’t supported by any streamers, so you have to keep a computer connected to a DAC that’s connected to your audio system. I don’t like doing that because I don’t have a fanless computer, and because I don’t like having to walk over to the computer to control things. I tried a couple of programs that let you remotely control a computer from a tablet, but I found them sluggish and awkward. Controlling Roon from a tablet works very well, and there are a lot of Roon-ready streamers.
I listen mostly to Classical. Wanted to say that all points above are valid. Hard to find anything 'bad' though.
And another ditto to Radio Swiss Classic. Swiss are masters of balance, and it is amazing what they can do with only 96 kbps channel.
I pretty much have been using Spotify for most of my music streaming and haven't been hearing any issues on the service.