What do I need to run my maggies?

This is what I have:

2 x Magneplanar MG 1.6 Front
1 x Magneplanar MG CC2 Center
2 x Magneplanar MG MC1 Rear

I need the rest. I understand the 'rest' to be a 5 channel power amp good for about 300 watts @ 4 ohms AND a separate 5 channel AV receiver to handle all the ins and outs? Is that correct?

If so, what do I get? I have a budget of just under $2,000 USD and I need all the latest types of connection (HDMI and USB) but I don't need multiple zone capability.

Thanks - rev
5 channel power amp and separate pre-processor, not receiver, OR an AV receiver.


and a dvd player of your choice should do the trick at $2K.

Subwoofer(s) would be pretty much essential for movies, too, but would blow up your budget.
Double check the specs on your particular model of Maggie's. Last I recall seeing, some models dipped to 2ohms and you may need an amp that explicitly states that it is stable into 2ohm loads. I'm not sure in your case so double check so that you don't have unforeseen issues.

You will likely not find any receiver that handles a load like that. When I was looking into Maggie's several years ago, I was told by my dealer that my Marantz 80wpc receiver could handle it but it wouldn't be great. However everything I read indicated that receivers were not good to use and go separates. Specific models that I know of off hand that may work well are Bryston, Lexicon, and Proceed. If an Emotiva amp will carry the load then that may be your best bet in your budget for both the power amp and the preamp. So I suggest that you start with www.emotiva.com as your first starting point.
Oh, Marty is also right. Try looking at the Anthem receivers. Can't say enough good things about them. They may be "under powered" by specs but from a performance standpoint they are fantastic! I believe that they may support the load of a magnepan speaker setup.
Check out Emotiva XPA-5 amplifier with UMC-1 preprocessor or (soon to be released) UMC-200 or XMC-1 preprocessors. The Emo gear will cost you about $1400 total and will drive your Maggies effortlessly. Lots of Maggie owners at the Emotiva Lounge...


lots of quality power
With those speakers I wouldn't consider any HT receiver. You definitely need a high quality 5 channel power amp (Bryston or the like). An HT receiver as a pre on top of that. You can get a decent used ht receiver (Pioneer, Denon) for peanuts, so it's just finding the power amp.
Thanks to all!

Internetmin: You were right, the load dips and a that requires a lot of transient capacitance. I found out what that term meant and then pretended I knew all along.

I talked with a dude at Emotiva and we concluded that the XPR-5 does the job - transient capacitance 180,000 uF.


It also has lots of Holmes and Watson (600 @ 4 ohms x 5 channels).

I was cautioned that this amp requires a 20 amp line - can anyone educate me on that? I suspect it's not just that funky socket?

Rlwainwright: Yes, I would love the UMC-1 but it doesn't exist yet and my budget is already blown.

Meiwan: Thanks - I'll check out your suggestions.

Thanks - rev
No, it's not the funky socket. I have all my equipment on a 20 amp circuit. Most home outlets are 15 and your electrician will need to upgrade that circuit to 20.

Good luck!
Thanks Theo:

>your electrician will need to upgrade that circuit to 20
How does he do that? Do I have to concern myself with the watts and volts?

I'm in Mexico and Mexican electricians don't have to pass a test of any kind :) They work from a metal step ladder while the power is on, they ignore all color coding and they figure out which line is live by rubbing wires together!

That's all very amusing until your flagship amp is at stake...

I have to understand it first, then explain it in Spanish to a dude who probably didn't bring his screwdriver and needs to borrow your ladder.
I'm not the electrician but I believe it is a circuit with a 12 gauge wire for a 20 amp plus the appropriate breaker and also a 20amp receptacle/plug. A 15 amp circuit will have a thinner wire like a 14 gauge.

When I did my house I had new wiring pulled and a new breaker just for the 20amp circuit and I installed shunyata outlets rated for 20 amp circuits.

In terms of the explanation, google 20 amp circuit and see what you get.