What can I drive w/ the 8wpc Air Tight 300B amp?

The Air Tight ATM 300b is the best amp I have ever heard (notwithstanding the VAC 30/30 and 70/70) With 8 watts per channel and a medium sized (14 x 17) room- I don't even think I can drive Quad 2905s. Any recommendations??
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Depends on the type of music. Lately I have been experimenting with a WAVAC 300b amp in my 14 x 23 room and for everything but hard rock and symphonic, it sounds pretty darn good driving my Merlin VSMs at moderate volumes. Its not perfect, but in a somewhat smaller room might work just fine unless you are a large scale classical afficiendo. I listen mostly to small combo jazz, folk, bluegrass singer songwriter stuff and the 8-10 wpc I get from my 300b works. Certainly any high eff single driver speaker would work, but with a benign impedence curver and moderately high eff, there are lots of choices if you avoid ear-bleed levels.
I was using it with the Ocellis Celia Silver(Phy drivers) and the sound was superb! I had a hard time after I sold it to find a better(?)......
Coincident Partial Eclipse will be amazingly loud off of 8wpc.
You want full out power, speed, and top to bottom frequency response... 101 db efficiency will get you there and a perfect match to your amps.. see link

Any Silverline Audio speakers since thy are very efficient @ 93DB. Best value in speakers at any price level.
Devore Fidelity Super 8's would work great. I heard the Air Tight ATM 300 powering a pair of Merlin TSM's a few years ago, worked well in a small room. I love the Air Tight sound!! Wish I could splurge on the ATM211 or the ATM-3's!!

I currently own both the TSM mme and the Devore Super 8 (but not for long, sold and to be delivered this weekend), but I heard the Coincidents and Silverlines, both Set friendly, but very different sounding than Merlins or Devores.
How would you describe the sound of the Coincidents and Silverlines? Thanks,
Klipsch are a great match with low powered SET amps.
I Agree that the Coincident and Silverlines are big players in your amp type/size. I can't speak for the Coincident sound but I can for the Silverlines: Full bodied, natural, non-fatiguing, engaging but not forcefully, excellent mids, clean but not etchy highs, taught and well extended bottom; will closely mimic your amp's personality. Great value, very easy to live with daily. Well worth seeking out for audition. (FWIW: I don't sell them, just own them). Good luck.
Dr Gizmo said you havent heard what a 300b can do unless you heard one driving sunlight engineering se308 concentrics 104db easy 16ohms
I'll speak up for the coincidents. They are amazing. Very detailed and accurate but not harsh in any way. Full range speakers that aren't monsters in the room. Coincidents make tube rolling easy and fun...
Silverline is not *that* efficient unless you use Alan Yuns own homebrew 300B amp that is heavy as heck, still with loud passages we heard it clip @ his shop.

try diatone P610MA or P610MB mated with a supertweeter.
Thats an affordable way to get that WE/Lowther/Fostex sound.
Thank you for your responses- I am looking into Coincident, Omega, Quad, Sonus Faber, and Piega. I tried Klipschs- loud but too much of a horn sound.
I negelected to add that I moved the entire system into a small 10 x 12 foot bedroom for the purpose of "helping" the amp. The Piegas 89db sound wonderful.
Had an Air Tight 300B for 4 years. Addictive sound, build quality, cache. Everything on that amp is metal except those stupid EU speaker connnectors.

Best speaker I had with the 300B was Merlin TSM-MXs although I'm not a fan of the Merlin "sound". The Air Tights, though, exude quality and class. Damn thing weighs 65lbs, too!! Some massive trannies.
MaxxHorn Immersion has an 100dB efficiency rating, and I used the 7Wpc Harmonix Reimyo PAT-777 to drive it to enormous volume. Bob Spence himself heard it and was amazed, as well as a number of visiting importers.

Constantine Soo
Publisher, Dagogo
Constantinesoo: Would you agree that my 220 watt tube monoblocks might be a bit of overkill?

Can you tell us more about what you heard? Are they worthy of a in-home audition?
Gerryn, with the MaxxHorn Immersion's 100dB/8Ohms sensitivity, it may only be able to use the first watt or two of your VAC monoblocks; but just like any other high-efficiency speaker, the MaxxHorn will sound more powerful with high-power amplifications. The more important concern is whether the amplifier using a myriad of tubes is of a design ingenious enough to produce the same level of spectral uniformity and microdynamics as that using a single 300B.

From your profile, I can also see you are using a multi-driver speaker system. If you are familiar with speakers featuring a single-driver, then I assume you already have a frame of reference. If not, the MaxxHorn will be very different-sounding than what you have ever experienced.

In-home audition is almost akin to reviewing equipment, the advantage being the absence of obligation to write. If you don't mind uncrating and crating the MaxxHorn, I would urge you to try it. You are also welcome to check out what I found in the following review on MaxxHorn Immersion:


Hope this helps.

Thanks for your comments, Constantine.