What Are The Top 5 Audiophile Shows In The USA?

What are the top five or ten audiophile shows in the USA in order of rank? When and where are these shows held? Just audiophile shows, not a general home electronics show.
Other than manufacturers, I don't know that a lot of people have been to all of the regional shows, so I'll give my opinion.

1) RMAF - the largest, and designed specifically for the audiophile consumer. You can see just about everyone here.
2) CES/T.H.E. Show - The high-end part of CES plus T.H.E. Show next door is another place to get an amazing cross section of manufacturers shown off well. The CES portion is supposedly for dealers, but I've gone several times as a consumer and have always been welcomed. T.H.E. show is for consumers and is decent. Together, it's worth the trip if you can't make RMAF.
3) The only other regional show that I can comment on is the California Audio Show - very well done, though there's always a few manufacturers I'd like to see who don't show. I would imagine AXPONA, the Capital Audiofest and the Newport show are similar, but would love to hear from those who've been.
4) Anyone care to chime in on CEDIA? It seems like there's a decent high-end contingent here as well, though with a focus on home theater.
I have limited audio show experience, but many people at AXPONA commented on the sound being much better than usual at audio shows. The organizers wisely made sound treatments available to all of the exhibitors, and looks like that payed off.
Have made Capital Audifest 2 of 4 years in existence. Could not make it this year. Its the only one relatively close to me, so that makes it the best from my perspective.

Seriously, both of my experiences there were very enjoyable. Lots of good, different and interesting things to hear at all price points. Biggest problem is I usually only get to spend a few hours there which is only enough time to get a light sample of some of teh stuff there and not all.
Jwm: I agree. One of these days I'll go to RMAF. It sounds like a lot of fun.
Dave, RMAF is very similar to CES, but less exhibitors and of course not much foreign presence. The show is more geared for the public so its more laid back.
Jwm: I see. Sounds good. Like I said, one of these days. We'll see what happens. I'm in Las Vegas, so CES is in my backyard, all too easy. :D
I `d agree with Jwm`s assessment.RMAF really has a nice friendly and laided back atmosphere, just a pleasant vibe.The number of rooms and manufactuers is good,you could hear every room if there 2 full days.

CES is the big daddy in terms of sheer size,variety and manufactuer participation,atmpsphere is a bit more stuffy and tight but still welcoming. If I could only attend one it`d be CES there`s just more to hear. Both shows are very worthwhile and enjoyable.
Ok, cool, thanks for highlighting the differences. I don't find CES to be stuffy overall. It varies depending on the manufacturer. Some are stuffy, some are not. I'd say most are not. From what you're saying, it does sound like at RMAF you can spend more time in the rooms. That is key, especially when you're considering buying that product, and there's no dealer that really has it to audition. At CES, there is an unwritten law regarding time limits. It seems some manufacturers want you in and out and don't want you staying too long. Anyway, that's my take.
RMAF!!! is the best for the true 2 channel Audiophile!

CES is more commercial feeling...not exactly Best Buy but...

I have been to multiple CES, RMAF and Newport Beach audio shows. CES is the undisputed king - they have the most exhibitors by far. That show is designed primarily for the trade and not the end consumer. RMAF is a very user-friendly show and attracts a lot of exhibitors and is fun for the end consumer. Newport Beach was designed after RMAF and it shows - it has a lot of exhibitors and is fun for the end consumer. Also, Newport Beach is expanding as it gets older (its only been in existence for 3 years). As it expands, if it can continue to be user-friendly, it will replace (my opinion) RMAF as the best/largest user-friendly audio show in the country.