What are the "must have" HD Tracks albums?

HD Tracks is having a 20% off sale and I am wondering what recordings are worth buying from HD Tracks. I have read that there is a real range in the quality of the HD Tracks recordings and I wanted to make sure I only purchased the recordings that are worth the price premium of HD Tracks. I was thinking of buying the Marvin Gaye Collection and REM's Out of Time. Are there any others that are particularly recorded well in the HD format?
Buy the music that you like performed by the artists you like the best and will listen to after you make your purchase. Don't buy something you will never listen to just because some on this forum suggests it. Listen to the samples before you buy. I suggest FLAC downloads.

Taking opinions from others will be a hit or miss proposition. Not everyone has the same setup and some systems will perform well and others may not be optimised for hi-resolution. Every component makes a difference. I have heard 'excellent' and 'good/fair' from the same download on two different systems. The system made more of a difference than the download. (just like two different turntables will have their own sound character playing the same LP) you may prefer one to the other and only your ears will make that decision.
The David Grisman stuff is wonderful--extremely well recorded and excellent musicianship.
The Eagles "Hotel California"

McCartney's "Band On The Run"
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I downloaded Hotel California and it sounds great....great dynamic range, crystal clear, and nice strong bass. REM's Out of Time on the other hand, to my ears sounds little different from the CD. In hindsight, I probably should have bought Band on the Run instead of Out of Time.....oh well I guess 1 great download out of 2 isn't too bad at $30 for the 2 of them.
I also was disappointed with the "REM" download....try the Ella Fitzgerald/Louie Armstrong "Ella and Louis"....just try a free sample or two....amazing...
Some good ones for both content and sound...

any of the Steely Dan
Tom Petty, Damn the torpedoes
Eagles, hotel California
Jackson Browne, Running on empty
Bags meets Wes
Paulson Simon, so beautiful
Mark Knopfler, Shangra-la
Emmylou Harris, Producers cut
Grisman - Garcia - Rice, pizza tapes
Billie Holiday, Billie's blues

FWIW, I didn't think Band on the run sounded very good (at least compared to my vinyl copy)
Damn, they just released George Benson's Breezin in 24/96 today! That is one I would love if the sound quality is as good as Hotel California......Anyone out there thinking of giving that one a try? If anyone does, please report back with a review of the sound quality.
I seemed to have missed the sale info on hdtracks.com

Is it over?
The sale is on until September 30. Go to Enjoythemusic.com September 28 for the 20% off code.

I ended up downloading Beck's Sea of Change and the music is growing on me....dark and brooding musically but very well done and excellent recording quality.

Hot Rocks by the Rolling Stones has just been released today on HDTracks. Has anyone had a chance to download that one yet and if so how is the sound quality?
Loving the remastered Nirvana Nevermind album, highly recommended. I also really enjoy Francesco Tristano's Idiosynkrasia which is one of the best sounding recordings I have as well. It's also a very unique blend of styles that is both interesting and extremely well played.
All the blues labels have interesting and obscure artists. Check some of those guys out. I especially like Hound Dog Taylor.
I haven't bought Hot Rocks yet but if anyone is interested, I just noticed Fleetwood Mack Rumors was released today on HD Tracks......I wonder how that one sounds compared to the CD?
10-07-11: Richard_stacy
Loving the remastered Nirvana Nevermind album, highly recommended.
Richard, in my opinion, this type of music doesn't show improvements with HD. The intros to Come as You Are and Lithium are spectacular. I don't know if they're better than redbook, but they sound great. However, when these songs move into power guitar and drumming, there's no way to say the HD version is better. It's just loud. In general, this music doesn't convey subtly. I'd honestly be happy with redbook, but I suppose if it was one of my faves, I'd go for the HD. I just feel the need to say this for folks who are on the fence. And, of course, IMO.
Mingles...I could not disagree more. The dynamics are night and day with the redbook version and the space between instruments/voice are much more clearly defined. Their is much more detail visible on the 24/96 version as well. I suppose some may be dependent on a systems ability to resolve these as I have only listened on the higher end of things but I would guess that most of the benefit would be distinguishable on any system.

I honestly believe any recording, be it classical, vintage jazz, metal, ambient, techno, minimal, rap, r+b or plain old rock and roll would benefit greatly in higher resolution playback. I'd love for my entire catalog to be high resolution! I have 100's of high rez albums and there is not a single one that does not sound stellar, especially when compared to the original.
I agree. I find digital now is coming into its own realm again as state-of-the-art techniques move out of the pro studio and down to the end consumer.
I've been on a hi res binge all day today. Updated some software and things are running better then ever regarding hi res. after breathing a sigh of relief for the upgrade working, I ment to listen for an hour or two just to confirm all was well. That was seven hours ago. Am still listening as I type. Have no idea when i'm gonna crash tonight but it's not gonna be early. At the risk of using a word that is WAY over used.....it sounds amazing!. Will leave it at that. If this stuff isn't a game changer for digi audio, I don't know what will be.

With streaming....I'm a pig in slop! =)
Great to hear Levy03!.......If you go to Enjoythemusic.com they indicate there is another 20% sale on now. I plan to pickup the Charlie Brown Christmas release....
Has anyone noticed that some of the HDTracks songs are mixed much different than the redbook version? Specifically on the Seal Best 1991 - 2004 album at the 4:32 mark of the song 'Don't Cry', the backup vocals are almost non-existent. It sounded as if I was missing a channel so at first I thought it was my equipment or my Pure Music player software. I then played the redbook version and the backup vocals re-appeared. I noticed some other slight differences in some other Seal songs on this HDTracks album. Does anyone know if this is this common to have differenct mixes on HDTracks songs compared to the redbook versions?

BTW, the Rolling Stones Hot Rocks and the Animals Retrospective are a must for British rock enthusuasts. I'm not a big Stones fan, but the sound quality of the songs on the Hot Rocks album are worth having and the selection of Stones songs on Hot Rocks is terrific compared to all the other Stone's fodder albumns HDTracks has for sale. Also if any of you were disappointed for many years with the quality of the redbook version of the Who's Tommy, download the HDTRacks version and you'll be amazed at the difference.