what about Fidelio or Parsifal with Simaudio ?

I have searched the archives and cannot find any reference to my question.

I have just audition the Verity Audio Fidelio (with Nagra 50W monoblocks, Nagra preamp Arcam FMJ CDP) and was very impressed with this speaker. Unfortunately, there was no Parsifal Encore available to compare. However, I am looking to mate it with the Simaudio P-5/W-5/Nova CDP. It is hard enough to find a Verity dealer less than a 2 hour plane trip, nevermind find a dealer that carries both Verity and Simaudio (if any).

Does anyone have any personal experience using the Fidelio (or Parsifal) with the Simaudio gear, instead of the Nagra I listened to ?? With the Fidelio, what differences in the sound could I expect using the the SImaudio W-5 instead of the Nagra tube monoblocks ???

Please try to answer question, rather than suggest other amps. Thanks a lot.
I heard the original versions with Copland 288 CDP, Hovland and CJ 17 preamps into the W-5. I was a very nice combination. I also compared that set up using the Levinson 334 (125 wpc) power amp. I preferred the Levinson amp because it was more refined sounding, with better details. The Levinson would run out of steam if you really like to crank the music IMO. Now remember this was a while back and I am not sure if the W-5 was the 170 wpc or the 190 wpc amp (I also do not know how much of an improvement the W-5 is over the earlier version, if any). I also heard teh McCormack DNA-225 and CJ 200 wpc amps. The Sim bettered these amps in the same set up.

Hope this helps and Happy Listening.
Hello, I once owned the great Parsifals, and at one point, I had the Sim W5 and P5 combo. I think The Moon gear is NOT a good match for the Verity sound. Verity will sound nice with most everything, including Sim Audio, but the potential of the Verity gear is not optimized with Sim compared to, say, Nagra gear. Nagra is more refined and luminous, while the Sim is dark and lacks air by comparison. I also owned the I-5 integrated and frankly, I have never been able to figure out the hype about this unit. Nice build quality, looks ok although long in the tooth by today's more refined italian offerings, the I-5 do have the family sound of Sim- if you like the sound that is. This also goes for the Fidelio, where it's sound is very, very close to the performance of the Parsifal, minus the 25hz bass.

i have the parsifals with levinsons 333.5,now i am switching to jeff rowland m12s. not fully convinced that it is the right thing to do,any inputs???