Verity's Fidelio vs Coincident's Total Eclipse

I recently placed a post about the Coincident Super Eclipse, and received several good posts of advice.Thank you all!!! I have another dilemma; The other day I heard the Verity Fidelio, and was knocked over by their claity, dynamics and wide but solid soundstage.Thet were driven by a McCormack amp and Sim Moon player, and were connected to electronics by Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cable. They are two grand more than the Super Eclipse. My only criticusm of them was they sounded a bit bright and forward, but never edgy or overblown. It seems from the posts about the Coincident speakers that they really need a good tube amp to bloom and sound good. In addition, they seem to be a difficult set-up from what I have read in Soundstage and Absolute Sound. I don't have the dough right now to go shopping for a OTL amp. I like the Aragon 4004 MKII that I currently own. So, does anybody have any input about the Verity Fidelio's?? Are they worth the money, and how do they compare with other speakers in that 8k price range??? Thanks again, Jimbo
I had the SE's and didn't like them because of the setup problem and I felt the voicing was off for classical music.
The Fidelio will be more accurate I feel. Try to listen to Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde which retails for about $4500.These are great and definitely compete in the league you are looking at.
Avant Garde is not in the same Leauge as the Coincident.I cant coment on the Verity have not heard.
I have Coincident Super Conquest and would not trade it even up for the Avant gaurd.
There is A SC on this site for 800 the biggest steal in audio.
Sunnyjim, Listen to a pair of Audio Physics avanti III. IMO it is a much better speaker than the Fidelio's. MUCH better. It seems to work better with SS than do the SE. Although tubes still sound better to me on the Avanti than SS. Remember my opinions on sound may be different than yours. Best of luck. No disrespect meant to anyone owning the Fidelio's. Just not my cup of tea.
I have to agree with the previous post that the Audio Physic Avanti III were much better than the Fidelio's. I haven't heard the Coincidents, so I can't comment. I also ended up buying the Audio Physic Avanti III's.

The Coincident's have one advantage over the Avanti III's if you plan on running with a tube amplifier they might be a better choice given their 14 ohm rating verses 4 ohms for the Avanti's. I'm going with a SS amp and tube preamp, so this was never a concern for me.
On the new review of the Total Eclipses on the reviewer used solid state amps for the review.
I have owned a pair of Fidelios for the last 1.5 years and have been very happy with the sound. I do not find them bright, I have them paired with tube electronics (Wavelength Duetto and Wadia 861 CD).

Over the years I have gone back and forth between monitors for the soundstaging, clarity (Celestion SL600, Aeial Model 5, Avalon Monitors, also home demo'ed Proac Response 2) and full range speakers for fuller extesnion and body (Mirage M3si, also home demo'ed Audio Physic Libra, Merlin VSM). The Fidelios do an excellent job of combining the stageing and clarity of monitors with the fullness of a larger speaker.

So far I have not felt the need to upgrade speakers.