Verity Audio Parsifal or Fidelio liked w

I was able to listen to a Verity Fidelio and I was impressed. Any bodyelse out there that owns/listen to them can tell me their opinion. Please let me know how much better is the Parsifal. What equipment did you used with them? If you had a choice would you buy another speaker? I liked first their sound, second their size. They do not dominate the room. I was surprised ho much bass the fidelios had. I listened to them matched with tubes.
I have had the parsifal encore speakers for over a year now and I am absolutely thrilled with their sound qualities. I listen primarily to jazz and vocal music and their mid range capabilities have few equals. Piano, which in my opinion is one of the more difficult /complicated instruments to reproduce is rendered perfectly by the Parsifals. That is why Keith Jarret uses the Parsifal's as his reference speakers at home! Check out the reference speakers that David Cheskey uses in his sound studio...4 Parsifal Encores and 2 parsifal monitors. that should tell you alot about the speakers musicality. The balance of my system is designed around the Parsifals Lamm M1.1 amps, Audio Research Ref 2 MkII preamp, dCS Elgar and Purcell DAC, CEC TL0 Transport, magnum Dynalab 108 Tuner, Audio Power Industries Ultra Wedge 116, Kimber Cable Orchid digital interconnects, Cardas Golden Cross interconnects/speaker cabling. I love the bass control and authority of the 140 watt class "A" M1.1 combined with the tubed warmth of the AR ref 2 MkII. Given the speakers diminutive size , I am able to place them further out in our family room than I would otherwise be able to (fairly high WAF) Hopoe this helps Barry
I own Parsifals Encore in the premium makore finish. I may be selling them soon however, I have to much money tied in the high-end audio hobby. The Fidelio is an incredible speaker that provide most of the Parsifal's magic, including it's emotiionnal midrange. However, the Parsifal will go lower and tighter than the Fidelio, and most subwoofers out there, an amazing feat. It is also more coherent and versatile than the Fidelio, as the Parsifal's woofer can be fired forward of backward to tailor you taste. Both speakers are exquisitely made and will beat anything out there at their price point and more. Fidelio is probably a better match with low powered SET amps, but then again, I had 7 watters on my Parsifals and it was heaven. It's a lot of money, but both speakers are well worth their price. I agree that on the wife acceptance factor scale, these works of art rank 10 out of 10. Sonically...well listen to them, you WILL write a cheque and take them home! Who cares about the new car, keep your present one a year longer! Hope this helps you in your decision.
I own a pair of Fidelio's in Makore. I did not hear the Parsifal, but did compare them to other same price speakers (Audio Physics Virgo, Merlin VSM, Sonus Faber EA II & Proac Response 2.5 & 3.8). For my priorities, midrange purity, sounstage focus, timbre and harmonic preservation, I thought the Fidelios were the best. I have owned them for about 6 months and still believe I made the best choice. They seem to be able to get the musical detail and still sound very natural and harmonic. They are great speakers.
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