Verity's Fidelio vs.Talon's Raven: Who Wins?

I need input on both the Fidelio and Raven because I am considering buying one of them used at a reasonable price---even though both are grossly overpriced. I have heard the Fidelio and it sounded very open, detailed, neutral, but a bit dry. Also , the bass was a bit underdeveloped for such an expensive speaker. Talon's Raven is a mystery to me, because there are no "official" reviews and only a few some comments on the web to go by.And Talon has recently upgraded the speaker even though it has only been on the market approx.8 months. Both are very attractive speakers. Though, I would prefer something that is not going to be a pain in the ass to drive and sound good like the Audio Physic line. I got good, though "dated" hi-end pieces, Aragon 4004, CJ, Sonographe, some or all of them which may soon be replaced if I hit the lottery or use the oldest kid's college money( Nah, just kidding!!) So,I like to hear all opinions about these speakers. Thanks again, Jimbo
That is a very interesting question, I have been curious about these two speakers for a while though I have never heard either! I have how ever spent some quality time with both of there big brothers the parsifal encore and the Khorus X, in fact I have the parsifal's here right now. They both do things differently it would come down to how you listen and what you listen to, if you listen at higher volumes and a lot of Rock & Roll then the nod would go to the talon, if you are more about delicate vocals, instruments and stage placement I would recommend the verity(based on my experience with there bigger brothers). I prefer the verity though to the right person I am sure the talon would be the better choice, it depends what your priorities are. As far as appearance goes they are both beautiful speakers, though the verity's have a more delicate look the talons have a presence I have experienced with few others- both have a great WAF. I have been told that you get 85% of the Khorus in the Raven, I don't know what truth there is to that but it came from a source I hold in high regard. You owe it to yourself to track them down and listen for yourself, though if you don't get a chance to you know my opinion fwiw. Happy listening.
Verity's Fidelio vs.Talon's Raven: Who Wins? Obvious..... the listener. Both are incredible speakers. As Tireguy has mentioned, it is now down to personal choice and his conclusions are right on.
Actually, it's down to your ROOM!
The Fidelios use a fixed rear-firing woofer, which Verity optimistically states works in 80% of rooms. I tried them, and was completely UNDER-whelmed at the loss of the bottom octaves compared to my 6.5" two-way small monitors!
I easily discovered that this was due to the fact that my listening position had the Fidelios in a 8' nearfield triangle with the speakers about 9' from the front wall...and with a double-door opening on the right rear side.
So almost ALL the rear-firing bass was swallowed up!
I tried the Encores (demos for $8k)...first rear-firing. Same problem. I then disconnected the woofers and was surprised to hear MORE upper bass from the Monitor-halves alone (although still lean). I then twisted the woofer-bases around and VOILA...GREAT bass!. I then called Julien Pelchat at Verity and faxed him a blueprint of my room, where he agreed that I had arrived at perfect placement and geometry, but suggested I sit 6" closer to them. As these speakers have no problem with center-fill (their drivers are matched to within 1/4 dB (phew!)), the 7.5' triangle continues to work marvelously.
So there's my caution: only get the Fidelios is you can stick them far enough BACK to get sufficient bass reinforcement. I think I remember Julien saying that they work best 3-5' away from the front wall. You won't get the 20' deep stage I get from the Encores in my setup, but at least you'll get that incredible coherence and natural portrayal that this midrange driver is known for. Do note, however, that the Encore has a more-extended 28mm tweeter (custom) vs the Fidelio's 19mm, so sidewall reflection issues DO vary a bit (the stage is wider with the Encore), but the biggest difference is in the bottom, where the VERY fast and surprisingly powerful 8" woofer blows away the 7" in the Fidelios. Well, at the price difference ($4500 vs $8k used) it should, eh?
At least you won't have to biwire them.
I have no experience with the Talon, but I suspect they're a more-traditional one-cabinet fixed forward-firing woofer
array, and therefore will have different setup issues.
I simply wanted to elucidate the common problems associated with Verity's speakers. If the room works you'll be in heaven. I use mine for pianissimo classical as well as that live Stones disc that's so much fun. If you crave the Verity's electrostatic-like midrange, then try to find a used/demo Encore so that you'll be happy rocking out, too.
Good Luck.