Went down the "rabbit hole" of speaker cables and these showed up!

Really opened up the staging and overall depth...
 I am pretty happy now... just waiting on the new amp funds to somehow materialize... :)

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I just see black garden hose with what appears to be machined boxes...wheres the speaker cable?
I thru them out n kept the garden hose.
Congratulations! Good cables can make a real difference in almost any system glad Transparent worked out for you.
Thank you. 

I got them from a great friend that is a rep in the biz... I mentioned I wanted to upgrade since I got the 10 T’s from him and this is what he choose for me. Worked out very well. I am retired and am looking to set up a final if you will system so we are putting all the pieces together slowly. The A21+ is a few months away but will finish the equation.
Nice cables! should make you system sound amazing.
And.... maybe you’re putting just a little bit too much performance pressure on that poor little festooned DIY pedal.