best bets to match up with these AES offerings

I've just learned that AES Sixpacks and the AES AE-3 DSH pre amp are a great introduction to tube equipment. So says a respected local audio merchant. I have a chance to purchase pre owned Vandersteen 2CE sigs, and wonder if the characteristics of these speakers are ideal matched to these mono blocks and P/A. Listening space is 15 x 20 with speakers 10 feet apart and 18 inches from wall.
In the under 2000 dollar price range, which speakers might be the best play? Please tell me what you think and thanks in advance for your replys.
Congatulations on acquiring the AES equipment. I concur that they are a very good choice. The only issue of concern is the EL34s midrange dominant character. It is also one reason people buy them. I have an EL34 output phase amp. Some argue that 85% of the music is in the midrange. The El34 is considered the queen of the midrange tubes (not sure what is king.)I have a personal dislike for the Vandersteen 2ce however although it is an inmensley popular speaker in that price range. My problem with it is that it is too polite and lacks dynamic qualities. To me it sound much too warm with a lack of transparency. It is as though the music is veiled. Since you have a sweet sounding amp it might be overkill. Suggestions are somewhat superfluous as everyone has their own idiosyncratic taste. The best choice would have been good monitors but your room appears to be too large. If you can get a good price try the Von Schweikert VR2s (I can see my friend TRELJA groaning). They are floor standers. VMPS is a popular audiogon choice but the speaker most use is above your limit. Your best option is to try to listen to as many speakers as you can. Now that you've joined the audiophile ranks pay attention to treble and mdrange clarity and the bass it should be well resolved and definitely not boomy.