Wanted: NHT X2 electronic crossover.

I am looking for a NHT X2 crossover to buy. If there is anybody out there that has one and might be interested in selling it. I am willing to buy it if the price is right.
I don't mean to be a jerk but this kind of "want to buy" is really an ad and belongs in the classified or other venues.
i realize that now. but this the first time i posted anything and i wasnt quite sure how to do it or where. But thanks for your input.
They are hard to come by. If the unique feature you are looking for is the 2 channel - MCH integration with the sub input in pass through mode, Marchand will custom build you a cross-over that does the same. Lot costlier though. I still have a NHT X2 that I am not using anymore, but I am holding on to it in case I ever change my configuration and need it.
Thanks Edorr, I i have a pair of Classic Four Towers that I would like to run with the X2. I've heard it will make a nice improvement on the way the bass sounds. if you ever want to get rid of yours keep me in mind.
I purchased one here on audiogon but had to wait a few months for one to show up. I made a direct NHT link and used it every day. I missed the first one I saw by minutes but did get to purchased the next one that showed up, These are in great demand so act on it when you see it or it to will be gone,FAST. I think I paid 275.00 BTW.
Thanks Hevac1, your right they are hard to come by i've been looking for one for at least two months now. Question? I have a dennon avr reciever and a adcom gfa 5500 power amp could i use the X2 to run the subwoofers on the nht classic four towers with the adcom and use the denon to run the mids and highs?
Wolfvalles, if you just need a high pass / low pass 2 way Xover there are many options. What sets apart the NHT is the LFE channel integration. If you dont need that I would cast the net a little wider.
I think it will do what you want. But like Edorr says it is really for a 2 channel and Multi channel system. The subs i have the JL Audio f113's have only one input so to intergrate them with both my theater system as well as my 2 channel I needed an additional LFE input. If you email me I will send you a PDF of the manual for the NHT X2.
Other crossovers without an LFE input may be easier to locate.
Wolfvalles- I have an X2 and will give you a good price on it. It used to be part of an NHT T5 evolution setup I used to have. Email me.
I do want the LFE inputs because the denon i have does have a single LFE pre out and i want to use the X2 to run the two ten inch woofers on my nht classic four towers for my home theater set up because i have a seperate 2 channel set up for strictly music so i really dont need it for music. does that make sense? this is my email address wvalles@hotmail.com
Hevac, glad to hear you scored a NHT. I was thinking about you when I reconfigured my system, but decided to keep my unit in storage. I have moved to an all digital trinnov processor in the chain, doing duties as crossover, room correction and volume control.
Dserota17 thats awesome!!! im not sure exactly how to email you but here is my email address if you could please email me it is wvalles@hotmail.com or if you would like to contact me by phone my number is (505) 238-2943. Thank You very much.
the last hit turned out to be a X1 crossover still looking for X2
Edorr....are you sure you don't want to part with your X2?
I can't imagine ever going back to an analog cross-over, but I still like to hold on to my X2, because it has a unique feature and is so dirt cheap.

I'm 100% with you. I own an X-2, can't really ever visualize the circumstance under which i'd ever use it (in place of the digital Audyssey x-over function that I replaced it with), but can't really bring myself to consider selling it, either (for exactly the reasons you mention).

Audiophiles are a strange bunch.

Edorr....It will be going to good home where it will be appreciated and taken well care of and you could come and visit it any time you like...
Edorr I am very happy with my NXT X2 and thanks for the recommendation. The NXT X2 does exactly what I needed to bring both my subs into the theater part of my system as well as allowing me to tweek the 2 channel section even further than I was able to do with just the controls from the JL f113s.
somebody please sell me an X2.
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Bob my email address is wvalles@hotmail.com thank you very much i really do appreciate it.
Does anyone have one they're willing to sell still?

I have an NHT X2 that's in excellent condition. I went back to using one amp about 9 months ago, so the X2 has been in the box since then. I have some pix of it if you're interested.

do you still have the X2
I have one for sale. I kept it in storage just in case I ever needed it again, but this probability is now close to zero.
I would like to purchase it from you if i could
Edorr, how much would you be asking for the X2 Crossover?
Valles, look for one of my current ads and ask me a private question so we can exchange email.
Edorr I sent you a private message but I'm not sure if you recieved it or not. Here is my email address incase you didn't wvalles@hotmail.com

Thank You
If he changes his mind then I'll buy it. I sent you a PM about it.

Or if there are other member that have one to sell, send me a PM.

Edorr, I haven't heard from you in a while I was just wondering if you still have the X2 for sale.
Valles. I never received your message and meanwhile agreed to sell to Ernie. Sorry about that. Should is fall through I'll hold it for you.
is there anyone else out there that might have another NHT X2 for sale
is there anyone else out there that might have another NHT X2 for sale
As an alternative, without XLR, I suggest the Reckhorn S1.
I have a NHT X2 if you are still looking for one.
If he's not, I might be.
I'm looking to buy an x2 in good shape. Any still available?
I have an X2. I'm the second owner. The unit was purchased from Audio Video Logic where it was a customer trade in. I was going to use it to biamp my my NHT 2.9s but never did. The unit is in excellent condition and includes the original box and manual.