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Wanted: NHT X2 electronic crossover.
I have an X2. I'm the second owner. The unit was purchased from Audio Video Logic where it was a customer trade in. I was going to use it to biamp my my NHT 2.9s but never did. The unit is in excellent condition and includes the original box and m... 
NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th
Doug99 misspeaks above. It is a list of brands being exhibited by (mostly) dealers NOT manufacturers. Big step down from the original Stereophile shows IMO. Russ 
Emotiva XMC-1 owners....
Why don't you just go over to the Emotiva Lounge for reviews by the initial owners. 
Anyone see an issue with the oppo 83se & old avr?
Plato- the sound quality of the Oppo HDMI output is a function of the prepro / AVR that it is connected to. Since that is an unknown in Joe's future, you can not say the Oppo analog outs will yield better sound.Would love to hear the Oppo HDMI out... 
Why is 2 Channel better than multi-channel?
Unlike the vast majority of the responses in this thread, at least Stehno ends with IMO. Although I believe his response is a meaningless diatribe of clueless words. He's obviously never heard a quality multichannel SACD recording played back in a... 
New codecs worth making a switch right now?
Prpixel- I don't believe all processors or receivers with HDMI from a year or two back are able to decode multichannel LPCM. I know that the McIntosh units are not able to do so.It would be nice if we had a consolidated list of which units can and... 
New Parasound Gear News?
Joe- I have not yet heard a with / without Audyssey demo, but Kal says it works. And he is far, far and away the most valuable reference we have in this forum (or elsewhere). So I think it would be a BIG liability for Parasound not to include Audy... 
New Parasound Gear News?
Joe- the very latest from a Parasound thread on another forum. 
Ultimate DIY speaker design?
Wow; it's a good thing I previewed my message before I hit submit. :-)Yes, it's Siegfried not Sidney (how did I come up with that one?)And the HTGuide website is at 
Ultimate DIY speaker design?
Idful- it does not get any better than the Sidney Linkwitz Orions ( which can be DIY or purchased complete.Many additional excellent designs can be found on the HTGuide forum ( 
What's the best Sony CD/SACD player?
Guys-I think you're all missing the point for the existence of the 5400; that is passing multichannel SACD data over an HDMI interface to a proper decoding processor. The fact that it plays stereo CD and stereo SACD well is just a bonus Give it a ... 
Emotiva or stick with my Anthem??
It's not just Emotiva being late with their new prepro; everyone else who demo'd at CES or CEDIA is late too. Except for the NAD upgrade modules, I have not seen any of the new prepros (or upgrade modules) released.By the way, being able to upgrad... 
Proceed Amp Needs Fixing
Thanks Raquel; I'll give Analogique a call this week, they're pretty close by. Peeksville is a long way to lug 100+ pounds.Russ 
Proceed Amps
Thanks again guys. I have a surround system so I am thinking an B(H)PA-3 in the front and an B(H)PA-2 for the rears.Russ 
Proceed Amps
Thanks guys. I actually figured that out myself by using Google to download the Users Manual for each. Why didn't I do that first?:-)