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How to physically move large heavy 100lb amplifiers easily (up and downstairs)
Would something like this work? 
Oyaide Cables
Just installed an entire loom of Black Mamba V2s in my system. (preamp, power amp, dac, power conditioner)¬†These are indeed fantastic cables, all of the detail without being too harsh. My only complaint is they seem just a tad slow and lacking in ... 
Morrow Audio special audiogon coupon code
Can I get this code as well? I am not seeing it in my email.Thank you. 
Are Pass Labs amps good at low volume levels?
Speakers are Gallo Strada. This is for a secondary small room system. I'm using a Benchmark DAC3 HGC with volume control directly into the amp. (top of the line dac with very low noise floor and Benchmark actually advises running it this way witho... 
Classé Audio Vs Anthem
What is the difference between the CT-2300 and CA-2300? Just looks? Also how much heat do these Classe amps generate? I am a bit worried about that.Thanks! 
20A vs 15A Power Conditioners and can I even use a 20A one?
dlcockrum,What other power conditioners would you reccomend I take a look at again? Again, I need something just for the amp/sub. The other gear is running off of a PS Audio Power Plant Premier, which while good, I find significantly reduces the... 
Phono preamp power cable not long enough. New wall wart or use an extension cord?
So something like this would make no difference? 
Wanted: NHT X2 electronic crossover.
Does anyone have one they're willing to sell still? 
Help me with treating my room
What do you suggest covering it with? 
Is a 23x16 room too big for B&W 805S bookshelfs?
Hmm... I absolutely love my current setup. Maybe it's time to step up to the 802Ds of the same series? Has anyone compared them to the 805S? Obviously there's going to be more bass, but what about the highs, mids, and everything else? 
Is a 23x16 room too big for B&W 805S bookshelfs?
I usually listen at about 80dba. 
Is listening daily at an average of 85db safe?
6 1/2 feet from the speakers, non-fatiguing, room is fully treated. I can't tell you if my ears ring or not because I already have slight tinnitus from many loud concerts without earplugs. (finally wised up and got some though) 
We Need An Audiophile TV Channel
Was definitely not expecting that when I opened the link. Funny nonetheless. 
Cost to treat a room?
I plan on getting the help of a professional acoustic engineer to help with my room treatment. Right now I have a pretty live room, with definite flutter echo. What can I expect post-treatment? Since the room will be "less live" than before, am I ... 
Tube preamp output impedance at low frequencies
What are some other good tube preamps with low output impedance at low frequencies, preferably balanced? I know the Audio Research SP16 is very low, but unfortunately it is not balanced. Price limit is $3000 new/used.