Want to switch from AB to D

I have a Onkyo TX NR 3007 that eats up electricity because of 4 amps inside. I would like to switch to the Vidar class D from Schitt's. I really like what I've read about it and the reviews. I am handicapped and can't get out to listen to any class D units in my area so I'm going to depend on some people here give me a good idea where I'd be going from class A B to class D what's my sound. I will be using the Vidar with a Audio Experience Symphony preamp with three matching Telefunken tubes that have been in there since I bought it and it's serviced me well along with an Audio Experience Concerto Plus phono preamp. I have an older Soto Sapphire turntable with a clear audio virtuoso cartridge wooden body that has been rebuilt by the soundsmith what a great sound. Oh by the way I have an Oppo 103 Player for my digital along with PSB image five speakers which I got for a great deal of many years ago and they still sound good with my system.
So the bottom line here ladies and gentlemen what am I going to experience putting a Class D amp with a hundred watts per Channel in place of my Onkyo with 140 watts per Channel at class A B power?
Thank you much
Ron in Highland Michigan

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Ron, your query can't really be answered since your ears are different from everyone else. Only a demo at your home can answer your question.
My experience suggests you’ll end up with a big loss of midbass body and grunt, possibly some bass extension in the lowest octave as well. Of course this largely depends on the quality of the specific amps in question. Generally though, I find class D sounds 50% as powerful as an AB amp of similar specs. Not sure why that is but it’s a pattern I’ve noticed whether it’s a stereo or sub amp.

If your wallet allows, the class AB Benchmark AHB2 is just as efficient without the sonic pitfalls of most class D. Also sounds excellent judged on its own.
Vidar is a class A/B
The   ON/OFF  switch  is on the rear panel. Not easy to reach .
I own the Vidar.

I also own ATI  Class D 
I think 200W per channel  is fine 
If you have the money , I would choose this one
The Vidal is class A/B like others have mentioned,
that is the first thing I thought.
Plenty of decent Class D amps out there though,
PS Audio - Peachtree - Wyred for Sound etc. 
Lots of online dealers give you a 60 Day at home demo period.
Give one a try. Crutchfield or Music Direct are both such dealers.