Wadia Vrs. Rega Planet 2000

Okay, Okay,

I know what everyone is thinking. A new Wadia will Slaughter a Rega Planet. And I Agree.

I am just wondering about the older Wadia stuff. Would it be worth looking for an older Wadia 6, or the Wadia 12DAC or other??

How does the older Wadia stuff sound by todays standards? I personally think For the buck the Planet sound pretty good, but its no Wadia.

Would the older Wadia stuff sound better? If so, which ones? The older ones can be had at somewhat of a bargin, just wondering if it is worth it.
Unforchanatly I can not afford a newer used one like a 830, 850, 301.

the wadia 12 which I use to own a long time ago, won't be a huge step to justify the price. (about the same used price as when I sold mine 4 years ago) it uses 19 bit dacs.
I have owned the Wadia 23 and currently use the transport version Wadia 22. I dont think you will be a bit dissapointed in the sound, i use it in conjunction with a
Levinson 36 dac, but the 23 is still an excellent sounding player, it uses the Pioneer Stable platter mechanism. i believe the current 830? uses it as well.
I have compared many many cd players in my system and for the price, i havent heard anything even close.

Hope this helps.
I'm using Benchmark DAC1 and cheap DVD as a transport. better than my Rega Jupiter 2000.