Rega Planet compare to Arcam FMJ-CD 23

Has anyone compared these players, and if so which way to go?
I've auditioned both using the same music, but in different stores and in different sytem setups, so take these comments for what they're worth. The Rega is a great player for the money -- I've seen it used well under $500. However, I found the sound a bit thin and constrained, perhaps even a bit grainy, with little bass. I then listened (A/B) to an Arcam priced at roughly the same point, whose soundstage was far larger and detailed and conveyed much more detail. The FMJ 23, is all that and more. It uses a very sophisticated DAC, is extremely well built and produces a fantastic, open, natural sound. It also costs over $2000 retail. In short, the FMJ23 is a better machine, but is considerably more expensive. If your dollars are scarce now, it would probably be better to get the Rega now, and upgrade to a better outboard DAC in the future. FWIW, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Sony SCD-1 (got a very good deal on a dealer demo -- not that much more than the FMJ23 and one of the best SACD players around to boot) YMMV.
I did this very test this past weekend. Using both with a Rega Brio amp and Linn Katan speakers. I thought the Arcam was a little bit 'brighter' for lack of a better word. My wife however who was with me just said the Rega sound was 'better'. I trust her hearing over mine and as and architect I am in love with the industrial design of the Rega especially in black. MHO
I compared the rega to the Arcam Alpha 7 and Alpha 9. I remember the Alpha 7 sounding better, even though I wanted to prefer the Rega due to it's superior design values. The alpha 9 (early version of FMJ 23) was even nicer than the 7, but I wasn't ready to spend the extra $1,000. Took the 7 home, and loved it. I probably would have been happy with the Planet, too, but I really like the sound of the Arcam more.

Good luck!