Denon 2910 vs Music Hall MMFCD25vs Rega Planet

Denon 2910 vs Music Hall MMFCD25vs Rega Planet....mid price point system...NHT ST4 speakers what would be the best?
Anyothers possibly missing capable of SACD? I know that the Music Hall and Rega do not play SACD
The Planet smokes the 2900 and dv47ai for 44.1 redbook playback in a high res system. Had all 3 players on high res system consisting of cj prem17 pre/prem 350 amp/ monitor audio gr60's/monster7000/avs2000 system in retail store that I used to work at.
Put in SACD and the field levels.
Pioneer v's denon: denon is smoother more relaxed-pioneer is more dynamic and has better bass control-video is better on pioneer in my opinion, buit it is real close.
More people are modding the denon than the pioneer and I dont know why-must be easier to work on. All of these comparisons were done on stock pieces. I here the modded denons are awsome am going to buy one, but we are not talking "reasonalby priced" anymore...
In a mid fi system you may not be able to here the dramatic differneces that the planet is capable of and thus it more boils down to your software. Your speakers are capable, but I dont know what amp/integrated/reciever you are using, so this would be key for recommendation...
Thanks for the reply.
I have heard great things about the Planet but I would love to A/B them together and decide which sound I like.
System is midpoint Rotel RB 1070 ..Parasound 850 Pre...MOnster IC and Straightwire to Sony CD...PS Audio Extreme Plus Prelude Speaker cables...Anywhere I can here the Rega Models would be great...