Wadia 270/27ix vs. Sonic Frontiers T3/P3

Seasons Greetings. I got a great deal on a 27ix yesterday and purchased it even though I currently have a SF T3/P3 combo with IS2e. I was interested in the Wadia because I have a digital only system and will be able to get rid of my preamp (BAT VK-5i). It is also already 96k enabled. Has anyone compared these two set-ups?
NOt these directly - I will comment that every time I have heard the 27ix direct to amps I have initially been intrigued. (I do not own one - my neighbor does). After further listening, I always end up prefereing it throught a Pre-amp as it is simply more dynamic and more musical, and my neighbor has decided the same.
I totally agree with Jkphoto. I have the Wadia 27 and although initially I too wanted to remove my preamp from the path (CJ Premier 14), after prolonged listening I just had to put my preamp back in. It is just too fatiguing. Try listening to any Myles Davis thru the Wadia connected directly to an amp --- you will leave the room in 2 minutes. I prefer listening with the preamp in the path.
I recently adjusted the internal DIP switches in my Wadia 850 in order to maximize its output level. I am now listening between the 70-90 range comparred to the 45-65 range. Since I am operating the 850 well beyond the top half of its range the resolution and overall weight of the presentation has been incresed dramatically. When comparing the Wadia's w/out a preamp make sure the internal DIP switches are set to match your systems sensitivity. Also, with the exception of some of the best preamps available...CJ Premier 14 for example, I have found the Wadia's to always sound better w/out a preamp. Also, it is spelled Miles not Myles...
Jla, I have opened up the Wadia and adjusted the internal dip switches so that I can listen to it in the 65-80 range. Once in a while I do take the preamp out of the loop but I always end up going back to the setup with the preamp in the path. I think if I had a better amp (I use a Krell KAV-250a) I could probably go straight thru to an amp and get good results but for the moment the CJ makes my system very musical. I agree with you about using a very transparent preamp or not using one at all. And I will try to remember that it is Miles and not Myles.
wadia is not bright. look to your amp or speakers.
Marklivia, I have BW N802's and as mentioned above Krell KAV 250a. I suspect the Krell's might be causing the brightness, but for the moment I will have to live with what I have. Or it could be my transport, CAL CL-10.
Sunny it's ALL OF THE ABOVE! I am sorry, but who had put your sistem together? Cal is great but not with the Krell, and Krell is great but not with the B&W. Get rid of Krell or Cal. And keep the speakers. Good Luck!
Gee thanks Lindeman. I must have forgotten to read the audiophile rules which explicitly state that CAL and Krell do not mix -- like oil and water :) Damn, thanks for pointing it out :)
I concurr with many here. I FAR prefer the Wadia to the Sonic Frontiers stuff. However, I think that the digital volume control is a bunch of hooey...it simply sounds better through a pre-amp, unless your listening volume range is ALWAYS above the 90 mark on the CD. This just doesn't work as the levels are so different CD to CD and my desire for volume changes mood to mood, type of music to type of music etc. That said...no complaints on the Wadia at all - worth the cash without the direct to amp feature. And...if the scheduled upgrade for the combo is as good as the 860-861 upgrade, it should be really great.
Stick to the Sonic Frontiers gear.Don't get fooled by the
24/96/192,etc,etc wagon.It's other things that matter most
and the T3/P3 combo delivers...
Just some related thoughts. Sonics aside, because that's a personal matter, the Wadias are built like tanks. The 270SE has a better platter mechanism than the 270 if you can find one.

The pre-amp vs. direct is very system dependent. Both approaches work fine and can only be determined by your system AND what you're looking for.

If your system is already going in that direction I think the Wadia combo could be construed as a bit bright or edgy.
If your system doesn't lean toward brightness I think you'll be alright.

The "i" designation allows a separate word clock link between the 27 & 270 or 270SE through glass cable. I'm not sure the "x" designation is worth the extra "$" but that's just my opinion.