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Everyone will probably recommend the Grado line, however i would go with Stax,(els) considering your music preference. Everybody agree? 
Sweat spot? Sp. placementt again
Phase differences do not have a noticable effect on the quality of the sound itself. They do affect the stereo image which can be blurred or cause effect known as 'two islands', you hear nothing but extreme left an right positions. 
To Sub or not to Sub...?
Yes, i do not know what i am talking about. I am just a... 'masochistic' a bit? I probably like to deprive myself from a 'decent' sound. Well, you should know about that 'malady' Dr. Detlof? 
To Sub or not to Sub...?
i am sorry that you lost me sugar...and i hope that you are better performer than a listener. 
To Sub or not to Sub...?
"One man's meat is another man's poison" Nowhere is it more true than in choice of loudspeakers. What features do you look in a loudspeaker? The perfect loudspeaker doesn't exist, and many of the requirements are incompatible when applied to pract... 
To Sub or not to Sub...?
The lowest note produced by any orchestral instrument is 29Hz, from contra-bassoon, while piano goes down 27.5Hz. Actually, it only rarely that those instruments get down that far. When they do, fundamental is very weak anyway, and most of the cha... 
Selling a DirecTV Receiver
Sell the whole thing on e-bay (including H card) for $250 350, or ba a sucker. 
diy power cord: Shinyata black mamba
Djin, solder it! You do not need to screw it. 30 bares isn't very hard to work with. Regards! 
diy power cord: Shinyata black mamba
in addition: it is going to be 30awg TEFLON isulated wire. is reasonable priced suplier. 
diy power cord: Shinyata black mamba
Buy 100' 30awg, silver or silver plated wire, ceramic plug's. Cut 90 wires of desired lenght. 30 wires place paralel (no twisting) inside heatshrink. Do the same with L and N(30 for L and 30 for N separate of course). Place all three heatshrinked ... 
Matching speakers for SF pre, amp?
You should be able to find Cabasse Farela 400! For around 1.2K. Spectacular sound from small floorstander! I would also audition Soliloquy 5.3. Both easy to drive. 
"Sizzling" tweeters at high volume?
Sorry to hear that, but "sizzling" is actual "ringing", asociated with Kevlar tweeters. Look to upgrade to III, with new driver and ScanSpeak tweeter. You will love it. 
Your Best Hobbies (other than Audio)
Eldragon, are those ladies reflection of your past experiences? And the one bald, is it maybe a self portrait? heheh! Joke aside, you are very talented. Wish you luck! 
SFCD-1, Theta Miles or Linn Karik?
It is hard to tell. Most probably, differences are subtle, so you wouldn't even know about them. Unless, you are of course Carl_eber, the "Golden Ears" of the AudiogoN. Nevertheless, Sony 777ES would be most likely the smartest way to go 
Wadia 270/27ix vs. Sonic Frontiers T3/P3
Sunny it's ALL OF THE ABOVE! I am sorry, but who had put your sistem together? Cal is great but not with the Krell, and Krell is great but not with the B&W. Get rid of Krell or Cal. And keep the speakers. Good Luck!