VPI new stuff...

I really like the look of the new Prime table. The return of the separate motor and the inclusion of the 3D tonearm make this an attractive product and given its some what reasonable price by today's standards it appears to be a no brainer.
The new VPI integrated amp with phono stage included @ 4 grand might also be considered a bargain. With its super clean design and the fact that it's made in America make this unit something worth taken a serious look at.
All in all it appears Matt is on the right track.
Dread...I heard the new integrated amp was made by Cayin (Germany) and based on an old Scott design?

I do really like the new Prime table. There's a new Scout Junior also.
Cayin, I believe , is a Chinese company.
Cayin is based in Germany according to this.

Maybe they have manufacturing facilities in China, (like a lot of others)?
Hi everyone! The integrated is a collaboration between HW and Steve Leung of VAS audio(he has been working on all sorts of projects now that he is retired). The case work is be provided by VAS but the design, engineering, and assembly is still being down here in the VPI factory.

I'm very excited to finally announce the Prime and hope to have it shipping by the end of October. Initial projection was end of November but we are ahead of schedule!
Thanks for the clarification! Hope you guys do well with all of the new products...
Why is it that VPI in no longer in serviceing there customers ?? I have e-mailed, I have tried to call and get nothing......autospec
@ Autospec

VPI's factory repaired my old TNT motor a month ago, so they provide service!

Sad to hear they no longer sell factory direct parts.

Elusive disc has a lot of VPI parts for sale, on their website however.
Hi Autospec,

Sorry about it being tough to get a hold of us! We have been extra distracted thanks to the audio shows and had some family issues that have made things a little more crazy than usual. Luckily after Rocky Mountain things should slow down a bit! Best days to call are Thursdays since I have 3 people answering the phones then. Jane and Jason are on the phones Monday through Friday, then we get Shirley on there on Thursdays as well. I'm usually on the phones as well but have been pulled away a lot lately while overseeing the Prime production. I promise we will get to you :)
Hey Mat: I've been a Scout owner for many years now and nothing has tempted me away from it until I got a glimpse of the Prime. Can I ask two questions?:

1. What is the effective mass of the 3D arm and what would be the optimal compliance range? I've been running an ATOC9MLII on my Scout (which is a wonderful combination) but am trying to determine whether I would need/want to change cartridges if I purchased a Prime.

2. What can you tell us about the outboard motor on the Prime? It looks like the sweet, rugged monster that came with the Aries way back when (my buddy has one)--more robust than the Scout motor (or is it just the casework?)

Anything else you can share about the new Prime would be much appreciated.
I'm a long VPI owner. I've seen this all before. They get you excited about a (new) product, then they change their focus. If one decides to (focus) on one product, by the time that owner needs service, you're out of luck. I read recently that Harry retired.

I'm doing OK making my own (better) products for myself. Although there (are) certain items that need to be outsourced.

OK, think about it. When the Scout was introduced,(I'm only referring to the plinth/base/motor construction... the selling point was that the motor was reposition at the opposite plane from the tonearm, the plinth was more substantial/better isolation, all of this was to address speed stability and resonance control. (more closely resembling direct drive, which they ultimately focused on). Then came the Scout 2 then 3.... All of this kind of put all of their previous designs into the history bins.

All of the sudden, now, we're suppose to believe that we should go back to their previous designs, where there's more chance for speed abnormalities, less solid/resonance dissipating plinth design. Where in the hell does it end.

I love VPI but I wish they were more customer friendly/focused. It seems their profits drive their products.

Speaking of profits,
Now all of a sudden the $2500 price tag for the Prime is just an "introductory" price.
If you don't happen to have the cash ready in the next two and half months your out of luck. The price jumps to $2800 justs 10 weeks after its premier.
The new Prime is actually $3500 and $3800.
Hi everyone, wanted to clear up some confusion and give more answers...

The Prime wasn't supposed to be released until 2015 and the final price was originally looking to be $4,000 (which is the price we would have made it if we were a company like Slaw describes but we don't pull that). We were able to bring down the price a bit more and decided to release it early after the excitement we received from our VPI Dealer Training and Listening event. Technically the Prime at the $3,500 until the end of the year is a bonus since it wasn't supposed to be around until January. Also, if anyone is worried about Harry retiring and not having support, no worries, this table is my design and Harry just proofed it.

VPI has been growing and changing and it is in a transitional phase. Personally I have always favored the quite and smooth stability of an outboard motor. The motor housing is based off of the Aries motor, the foot print of the Prime is the same as the Classic 3 giving room for a 10 inch 3D arm with VTA tower, new isolation feet, and Classic Platter. The Prime will be $3,800 for 2015 and will not be considered for any price change until 2016. We are working to have a more consistent focused line.

More information to follow on our website after Rocky Mountain. :)

Just little focus is my opinion on VPI. It seems they just keep throwing things out there to see what sticks (sells). In that strategy, in the end, quality will suffer and a company loses its identity.

Clearly they are branching out substantially to suit the needs of all consumers at all price levels who are wanting analog. I applaud their attempts, but I'm not sure its sustainable over the long haul.

Business 101: Too many skus, too much overhead. Too much overhead means too high prices on your goods. When prices become way out of proportion to the quality of your product compared to others, you will contract your skus, refocus your company or die.
Dodgealum, I talked to both Matt and Harry Weisfeld about that point during the show. They both said that the arm's mass is adjustable. The factory can insert a steel rod into the arm to increase its mass so it can be used with low compliance cartridges such as the Miyajima Zero Mono or my NOS Fidelity Research FR1 Mk. 3F. I assume they use an austenitic steel; I didn't think to ask. The rod can be removed later if you change cartridges. Matt said it's not really something they want owners doing, so the arm would have to go back to VPI.
I actually knew that and lost sight of my concentration while typing the above comment.
Thanks for clarifying.