New stuff from spain selling at less then used

Hi, im curious about what everyone thinks about the recent items put up on audiogon. They are from spain and are mostly new but sell for about 2k less than their used prices. I was going to buy an amp from him but it does seem very fishy especially as today another person from spain came on selling new equipment well below new prices. I think this guy/guys is kinda like that the guy from england about a year back who stole tons of money from audiogoners. I know that the american companies (Pass and ML) sell their stuff for almost double their us costs overseas. So it doesnt seem logical that these prices are for real. I also offered to pick up the amp in spain..... through a friend to see what he would say (he might not even have the amp) but he hasnt responded yet. Let me know what your oppinions are... i dont think im gonna chance this one.
what lines is he selling? I would agree if it is American lines than he smells fishier than an Anchovy factory.
Yes, I saw the attractive deal on a Levinson 336.
Caveat Emptor! If it sounds too good to be true.......

Way too much risk, no feedback, I guess my 333 still sounds good.

I think it's a little interresting how his Levinson 336, for some reason, only weighs 45 lbs.
yeah,ill buy 336 at that price all day long. what a crock. BEWARE.
Yeah, only 45 pounds and $6K new? I think more like 150# and $9500.
I sent an e-mail asking questions about the pass x-350 selling for 3200, no response.

I received an e-mail from a joe kent ( offering to sell me a never used in opened box scd-1 for $1985.00. He noticed that I was bidding on one on e-bay. The hitch was that I could only pay utilizing paypal. Since I could not verify who he was I offered to buy the unit COD and pick up all COD charges. He stated this was not acceptable, only paypal. I then suggested that we use an escrow account and again I offered to pick up all escrow charges. Again he refused, stating he would only accept paypal. Smelling a fish I ask for a phone number wher he could be reached. He said his phone was out because of a bad storm in texas; I guess he lives in texas. Since I could not verify who he was and had no way to protect my interest I refused his offer. the moral BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Chuck
Maybe it's because when it arrives, it's an empty crate. Did I misread it or did it say amp actually included, as this is just about the weight of the crate.
I'll take a 100 of those 336's.
isnt there a way to see how long the person has been a member here at Audiogon? It should also list his or her Active disscussions here. He listed an Accuphase amp with warranty, is he a dealer?? guess you could get the SN and see if he is owner of record through all looks too good to be true though...wire Transfer only, prepayment only....yeah feedback, no prepayment over here
Hmmmm Mark Levinson 336 45 lbs and comes with BOX, Manual AND remote. I didn't know it came with a remote.
Seems like all those power amps come with that new optional
remote. At 45 lbs, that Mark Levinson 336 must have a new
switching power supply or something. This seller from Spain
is more fishy than the creek beds up in BC during spawning
season! I hope that all Audiogoners approach these deals with loads of caution. I remember talking to another Audiogoner who paid by Paypal via his credit card for a Wadia CD player, from (drum rolllll) SPAIN! Guess what?
He says the Wadia was a no show, so he yanked payment on the
credit card. He was lucky.
I also noticed that there are some unbelieveable prices on Dynaudio speakers. I'm in the market for a 1.3 SE. I'll see if I can use the European prices as a benchmark in the U.S.
Repeating what Justlisten said - isn't there a way to get some help from audiogon or better yet from Pass Lab directly? In my view, the only way these prices can possibly be real is if this guy is (or was) a dealer who now wants out, but Pass Lab for whatever reason is not willing to take the stuff back -- consequently, he is forced to recoup by selling at dealers cost.

Just thinking out loud…
For the good of the cause, the fellow selling from Spain is not listed as an authorized Pass Labs dealer. I also notice that he incorrectly lists the new price of the Pass X350 as $6K, when it is really $9K in the US.


I just got on after a brief absence, and noticed that the
super deal on the ML 336 is gone, and the seller is no longer registered on Audiogon. Qu'est ca ce? Did the sheriff
run him out of town, or was it the pressure of public opinion? Just trying to catch up on the current news.

Some of the same stuff just popped up on