Von Schweikert VR2 or Revel Performa F50

I`m wondering which of these to matsh up with my Metaxas Solitaire ll amp,currently using Focal Chorus 816`s & it is a good match,however that wont stop me from the endless search,any ideas , thank you
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the vr2s are a vg speaker, with a noteworthy low end, but the revels are in another league in terms of overall refinement, detail, etc. (as well they should, since they cost more than twice as much). one proviso is that the revels need a ton of power, though 150w metaxas is supposed to be able to drive challenging loads.
VR2s don't sound anything like the Focals. I own VR2s and JM Lab Electras and the differences are profound. The VR2s are much less analytical and detailedm but make very pretty music. One is not necessarily better than the other just different. If you want to preserve the JM compatibility you currently have but want to improve on it maybe the JM Lab "Profile" Electras would work for you.
Thank you for yor response, I have now auditioned both speakers _ I do love the clarity of the Revels,and the fat full musicality of the Von Schweikert VR-2`s ; However I`m proably going to stay with Focal,looking at the Electra BE line. Thank all of you again