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Metaxas Solitaire ll Amp
Switched IC`s from Preamp : No Change in balance volume , Switched speaker cabling : which also switched  higher volume to opposite speaker .   Leads me to believe  it is in the Amplifier ????  Thoughts on this ? 
Metaxas Solitaire ll Amp
Thank you for your  quick and insightful response.  Switching  IC`s from ARC LS 17 SE at the amp made no discernable difference .   Sad but true I am a plug - n - play enjoyer ,  concrete  cowboy kinda audiophile [ got the hat , boots and truck - ... 
AC Line Problems
Hi, I`m experiencing tube failure on my ARC Reference CD-7 ,18 months ago I sent it back to ARC for power supply upgrade,and new tubes, the CD-7 has just returned from ARC yet again ,where it had a burned out tube that had about taken out another ... 
At What Age Does An Audiophile Buy His Last Amp?
Hi Mitch, I`m almost 59 [march] I don`t see any end in sight, I am however loving the journey a lot more these day`s Regards 
any thoughts on apogee centaur speakers?
Thanx for sharing your thoughts,I am keeping these! 
any info on PCW model 900 speakers
Still no info on these,I refoamed them anyway; Good Score! pecise,very musical,nice presence,and they articulat well, [ not as dark or polite as I would like ] IMO in a league with my Focal Chorus 807`s ,and Sonus Faber Home`s. 
I need ribbons for Apogees,wheres Graz
thank you, my ribbons are on the way ! 
Do Graz ribbons for Apogee sound better?
do you happen to have contat info on Graz, I need ribbons for my apogee centaur`s 
any veiws on apogee centaur speakers
thank you for your answer,and Gratz ribbon replacements for apogee, by the way you have an incredible system 
any info on PCW model 900 speakers
crossovers appear to be wired with 16 gauge Sc Wizard speaker cable,they have gold plated speaker bindings 3way high end, any information will be helpful, thank you in advance 
Petroff labs 3 way floor speakers any info
Joe the best tech I know of around these parts is at Nuts About Hi - Fi Silverdale Wa. his name is george, dose great work[ recapeed my Metaxas Solitaire ll & found some impossible parts 360-698-1348 
Von Schweikert VR2 or Revel Performa F50
Thank you for yor response, I have now auditioned both speakers _ I do love the clarity of the Revels,and the fat full musicality of the Von Schweikert VR-2`s ; However I`m proably going to stay with Focal,looking at the Electra BE line. Thank all... 
any info on Petroff Labs full range speakers?
I was actually looking to find info on the drivers who made them? Are they speaker lab upgraded to petroffs spec`s,like Milo Nestorovic? Who is this Petroff , what might some of his accomplisments be,etc.