A revolutionary way to raise the performance of your system for very little money

In my 2020 Stereo Times review on the Rockna Audio Wavelight DAC I embedded the details of what took place in my system when I installed Puritan Audio Laboratories Ground Master with an outside seven foot grounding rod. The effect on my system's performance was taken to a qualitative higher level across all sonic parameters. The cost of the Ground Master and the seven foot grounding rod/wiring was less then $600.

Recently, Puritan Audio Laboratories has come out with two tremendously impactful and very reasonably priced products: 1) The ROUTEMASTER which plugs into the Ground Master and has nine individual grounding ports for each individual piece of equipment in your system. Included, are four grounding wires with different terminations to fit your gear. If you need extra grounding wires/attachments you order them with the ROUTEMASTER. When I inserted this into my system with the Ground Master/external grounding rod it's effect was dramatic and again raised the performance of my system across the board! 2) The next new product is called the GroundMaster CITY. If you live in a condo, apartment, or in a location where it is not possible to run an outside buried seven foot grounding rod, you plug the Ground Master City into your wall socket and a wire attaches it to the ROUTEMASTER. I was asked to be a beta tester to see how close does this combo come to the performance of using an external buried grounding rod. Great news! It easily gives you 90% of the effect of the external seven foot buried grounding rod. The combo of the Ground Master CITY/ROUTEMASTER retails around $900. In all my years in high-end audio I have never experienced such a dramatic "bang for the buck" ratio. I'll be writing my review for Stereo Times in the near future. For the details of what this grounding approach that Puritan Audio Laboratories has put fourth in these new products look at my 2020 Stereo Times Rockna DAC review for the details of the superlative quality changes these devices render. By the way, at least 10 listeners, with very different systems, have contacted me with the same conclusions- "can't believe the beautiful changes in my system, for pennies on the dollar". 

Teajay (Terry London) 

I'm getting a lot of Emails regarding the theory and explanation of how the Puritan Audio Laboratories grounding/routing system works. Please, either go to their website for that information or contact Mike Kay (Audio Archon) who can explain the approach.

I discovered this sometime ago and will look into that route master, see thread below:

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Wig : )
Why would you need to plug the ground master City into a route master? Surely I can run wires from the ground master City directly to my components?
Hey pauly,

Yes, you could build your own box and run a series of wires off the GroundMaster City into the terminals of your different components. However, unless you are into DIY and have the skills to do it right, I would, for the reasonable price, go for the ROUTEMASTER. Also, I'll check-in about this, their might be a particular way the ROUTEMASTER arranges the grounding pattern for optimum effect.
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Hey tvad,
Great questions. I advise you to contact Mike Kay (Audio Archon) or shoot an Email to Puritan to get your information.

By the way, I just an Email from an individual who compared the Puritan pieces to the Nordost grounding device, the QKore 3, and thought the ROUTEMASTER/GROUNDMASTER did a better job in  improving his system's level of performance. Remember, the Nordost piece costs almost $2500 more then the Puritan gear!
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If you live near the Chicagoland area this store is a dealer. https://holmaudio.com/This store lets you try before you buy. I have two Puritan PSM156 power conditioners. I really thought this stuff was going to be a hoax but I was so wrong. I believe every audiophile should have Puritan in their system. I have not done the ground master yet. I do have two friends who have done it with 2 eight foot grounding rods each. They both noticed a huge difference. If you have the means to try this system out do so. Now with the Ground City Master you have no excuse. The beauty is it doesn’t matter if your system cost $1000 or $100,000, this system will benefit you. 


Thank you for your response.

I’m wanting to ground my pre amp only. I power it from battery/inverter and ground it from the wall plug. The ground from the wall plug introduces noise which negates much of the benefits of the battery power.

I’m thinking perhaps the GroundMaster City would solve that issue for me. I have long wondered how to filter ground noise.

I’d be very interested to hear how well the GroundMaster City reduces noise on the ground line. 


Thanks for the great info. if I currently have a Puritan conditioner and ground master (ground rod)

would the Route Master improve things in my case?
Hey sprocket75,
Yes, in a dramatic fashion, just like the external grounding rod did in your system.

I've had the 106, then upgraded to the 156, it made a small improvement, maybe..It was the Groundmaster that REALLY made a difference. System took a huge leap forward. Everything was just clearer, highs were a little more forward and voices were silkier. 

IMO, you get any of their power conditioners the Ground master is an absolutely must.