Volume imbalance

When I adjust my dual volume control I can almost never seem to get each channel to equal out.  I can adjust one side but then it's just a little bit louder than the other. I believe it's the nature of the tolerances of the stepped Alps pots. I've got room for the Khozmo controls. But I'm not sure if this the way to go. I'm looking for opinions/experiences or suggestions. Thanks for any help. Would an audio taper pot be ok?

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Volume controls are the single most unreliable component in the audio chain, for reliability and differences in sound.
In what pre does this dual volume control reside in, and what is the make/value of the volume pot as well???

Cheers George
Hi George, thanks for responding. It is an Alps Japan 89141 100kax2. They are in a vintage Quicksilver Full Function preamp. It is the later version with a single tube(5ar4)rectifier. I have gone for long periods of time listening through the tape outs without any volume control but with 39db of gain from the phono and 4.8mv output from the cart it is a bit much for me as Iike listening at less than realistic levels a lot of the time and the other times my other half gets annoyed when I tell her that I cannot turn it down. I don't think she believes me. So, I sacrifice to keep the peace and the sound is good enough but hey if there is a win win I'm all ears. 
Have you tried using a SPL Meter?
I would say no because it's the one on my iphone5 that I imagine is kinda hoaky. What difference would it make if I did though? I know it's off. I don't mean to sound curt. Thank you. 
I looks like they've done something pretty shifty with wiring on these, as you have separate left and right pots, yet that no (100KAx2) indicates they are both dual gang pots.


Also this unit is getting very old now, and due for pot replacement, seeing they are cheap replace both, if your up to it.


Cheers George
Appreciate the help, I think I am up for it. I wonder why Mike Sanders would put dual gang in them? I thought it was a mod someone did along the way to my unit. 

Why not give Mike a call ? I’m sure he will fix it for you !
The Single most important component in a preamplifier if not going with a stepped attenuator go with as high quality potentiometer as you can afford - the TKD IMO is superior to any Alps one - here is a 100K Audio taper one

Best of luck


I agree with Peter. I have found the TKD controls to be excellent.
At the price listed above for a stereo pair it would cost the same as two mono Khozmo stepped attenuators. Eyeballing it would be tight but they should fit. There would be even more room if I pulled out the 20db attenuation switch between pots that I've never used and I'm wondering if this in the signal path when switched to 0db?? I wish I was more techy. 
@yogiboy you were right, he fixed it, over the phone : ) 

He suggested going between detents as pots are continuous. Bingo! 

Doesnt address the quality issue vs. other options but my chief issue is behind me for now. Thanks all who chimed in. 
Make sure you adjust volumes in mono mode.
Sometimes channels mixed unequally.
I’m glad it worked out .You’re always better off getting it straight from the horse’s mouth!