Vitus... Thoughts?


i am  really looking for some real reviews/personal thoughts on Vitus, especially how it compares to Boulder.  Is the build quality similar?  I know the sound differs, but how so? I am well aware of Boulder... 

Not as great as the hype, and price would suggest. If you want something from Boulder go Ayre:)
I think you should check out posts by melbguy1 or try to contact him directly.  I believe he now uses Vitus amps with his Magico speakers, and he used Boulder.electronics in the past (as he posted a review of the Boulder 1060).  Part of this answer will depend on the speakers you own.  Good luck.
This might sound stupid, but how do you PM somebody like melbguy1?   

i should try the pass amps.  I am not a huge fan of the ayre, although the boulder is dead quiet!  

i am coming from Naim. SO....

Jlaz--Questio's not stupid, it took me a while to find it too.  On the A-gon home page, put the cursor on Community, then go down the options to Member Lookup and left click.  Type in melbguy1 in the space provided, and when that screen shows there should be a button to send a message.  He is very familiar with both brands, I believe.  I seem to recall him discussing them both in a post on a Magico or Wilson thread a few years back.

Another vote for Pass Labs (currently the best solid-state).

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!

I was spoiled in the sense I heard a Boulder 1010 and 1060 with Sasha watt puppies and the sound was glorious, open, refined, and accurate.  Sure the electronics cost more than my set up, but it was more refined, realistic, and engaging than the 500 series I had heard. I do not think its a question of not like but after many years with Naim I just heard something that was more precise and more what I was looking for.  Naim is "polite" but not as open, or precise as Boulder or D'Agostino or some others I have heard.