Classe CA2300 vs Vitus RS-100

What amp is better? For classic music, for hard rock & metal? How good is Classe 2300 for Sonus fabers, e.g. Stradivari? I've only listened to entry level Vitus amp with Strads and it was great match, but Vitus is a bit expensive and Classe amps are more often met in second hand than Vitus so I'm looking for information, impressions and opinions about.
I haven’t a-b compared those amps, though I did own a Classe Cap-2100 & have heard the RI-100 & RS-100 before several times. The Classe has a typical Canadian sound (ie: clean, smooth, fairly neutral). The CA-2300 of course would have a lot more control. I know the CA-2200 had good synergy with the Infinity Renaissance 90’s as it’s a fast amp with plenty of power to control those notoriously inneficient Watkins woofers.

The RS-100 sounds rich, detailed & sweet, with plenty of control. Scot Hull (Part Time Audiophile) found the RS-100 was a good match with the Tidal Contriva Diacera SE speakers which have natural warmth, less so with the more neutral Magnepan 3.7’s. I know Joeinid on Audioshark loves the sound of his Strads with tubes (CJ, Cary, Manley), but has also loved the sound with Vitus.

My feeling is the Classe might be a bit lean for the Strads and not play to their strong suit (ie: midrange magic), whereas the Vitus would be more sympathetic to the Strads sound. Btw, rule of thumb: Vitus sounds best with Vitus. I (personally) wouldn’t match an RS-100 with a tube preamp or ss pre from another manufacturer as results could be a crap shoot. If you couldn’t afford to add a Vitus RL-101 or RD-100, you might want to consider an RI-100.

I own a Vitus SIA-025 which is warmer & more musical than the Reference series, though pricey. For the outlay, the Ref series is very good value paired with the right speakers.
melbguy1, thanks a lot for your answer!
If you’ve remembered it after listening both amps, how much is sonic difference between RS-100+RL-100 and RI-100?
Aural memory is fallable, but if I recall, the RI-100 sounded on the dark side of neutral, whilst the RS-100/RL-101 combo sounded a bit less so. The separates had a bit more resolution; a bit more life and sounded a bit more open. The separates also subjectively had a bit more control, though that was likely due to the separate power supplies. Whilst the separates did not sound quite as dark, the overall sound signature was the same.

I did see your earlier thread, but warn I am no expert on the features or functionality of the amps you're considering. I still haven't familiarised myself with the setup options of my own equipment!
I owned the Classe CA2200 for a few years and compared it to the CA2300. I also demo'd the virus RS100 and RI 100. The vitus is much better, richer sound, better hold and depth to bass, more detail, deeper soundstage. The vitus is really a very nice amp. Very different cost, I think the vitus is twice the cost or near that of the classe. I would love to have the vitus. 
Colleagues! Thank you for the valuable information!

Hi the_crow.

If looking at the Sonus Faber Stradivari, as Stereophile tests show (below), your going to need an amp that can deliver good current, a good designed solid state amp that has bi-polar output stage (not mosfet or tube) is the typical way to go, one that can almost double it’s wattage for each halving of impedance.

How many watts into 8ohms is not the problem (as they are 93db efficient) so a 50watter into 8ohms will do, but one that can keep almost doubling that 50w  down to 2ohms would be nice. 

Stereophile Test on them states.

"its impedance (fig.1) dropping to 3 ohms and below for much of the upper bass and midrange. And the combination of 4.4 ohms impedance magnitude and –48 capacitive phase angle at 55Hz will give lesser amplifiers conniptions ( a fit of rage or hysterics)"

Out of the two amps you mention, look at the specs and see which one goes closer to doubling it’s wattage for each halving of impedance, hopefully from 8ohms to 4ohms to 2ohms. EG: 100w to 200w to 400w

Cheers George 



what at are your thoughts on Vitus versus Boulder. I have read our account of the 1010 and 1060 combo and i see you are now using the SIA-025.  I am considering moving from Vitus to Boulder but I would love your thoughts and what the differences really are! Especially since you live with the Vitus.  I find at a dealer they can sound good but when you own it you find what you love and what you miss!  Thanks