Vintage NAD 3080

Hard to find much information about this vintage NAP integrated. Thinking of using this to drive a pair of newly acquired Von Schweikert VR-1's. Anybody have any thoughts on how this system may work, given that I'm using them in a small bedroom in a nearfield setup? The VR-1 as I am hearing them are somewhat lean and bright, so I would like an integrated that would smooth that out some. I can pick up the NAD 3080 for $219 at a local hi-fi retailer, which seems like a reasonable price, but I am just wary of using such an old amp. For a budget of $500, would you guys just recommend that I forgo the 3080 and invest it in a used NAD 320CBEE or perhaps even a Jolida hybrid integrated?
One of NADs great power amps. Will drive damn near any load connected to it. See Audiogon Review of the NAD 7080 Receiver. The Amp section is the same as the 3080.
I've owned a number of integrateds in your price range and the ones I liked the best were the Audio Refinement Complete and the Creek 4330R. I listened to a Rega Brio quite a bit, as well, and was very impressed at the quality for the price.
Owned lots of NAD over the years and love it. However, in this case age is a factor and I've listened to the newer Jolida which is quite good for the money. I'll vote that direction.
Since these speakers will be used in a nearfield setup, power is not of the utmost importance to me right now. Given that, would you guys say that the NAD 3080 still outperforms the newer NAD 320CBEE by a long shot? I could probably get both used for about the same price, so keep that in mind. Should I be wary of the reliability of the NAD 3080, and instead just move on to newer amps?
I have both a NAD 7175PE receiver and a C320BEE integrated. As was stated by Ferrari the amp section of the 7080 is the same as your 3080. My 7175PE is the generation after the 7080. Though it has more power than the C320BEE (75 watts compared with 50 watts) the C320BEE is noticeably more musical. I am using it with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers in my bedroom and it drives them with ease. One other thing to consider is the age of the 7080. I have had to have some solder joints repaired a couple of times in my 7175PE.
This may seem like way out of left field, but does anybody have any thoughts on how the digital panasonic amps may fare with the VR-1's? From what I have read, it seems almost sure that the panasonic will prove to edgy/bright for my VR-1's, but I am nonetheless curious to see what this digital amp craze is about.
The 3080 is a masterpiece for it's time. It is beautiful and sounds beautiful. Jolida is great too though!
I had a 3080 when I sold for Leonard Radio, a hifi supplier in NY during the 80's. I used it to drive a pair of Lentek L7's a Brit monitor so good that the first time my girl and I played The Wall and the baby sounds went on we both checked on her baby, because the bedroom was behind the stereo and we both thought she had awakened. It was a great combination and if I found a used one today I would get it for old time's sake, if only just to see how it compares with my current gear, especially my Mac 1900, and then resell it. Great memories.
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