VINCE YOUNG On hi def?

Just had to mention hi def to legitimize a football post here. I follow the NFL so i have a question: Is this what I've been missing by not watching college football or was this the greatest single effort by a quarterback in the history of the game? Or both? Help me out here, guys. I've never seen anything like this kid before.

And yeah, now I really do want to get a hi def tv for the games.

What a quarterback!
Amazing performance, to be sure.

Whether his style will fit in with the NFL is another question, since NFL defenses are considerably tougher, faster, and meaner than what Young has faced in college.
Young had a phenomenal game yesterday.

That being said, I share Tvad's concerns. NFL backs will not miss tackles the way that USC did.

Still, Young earned himself a high draft pick last night, and if he can keep it up I will enjoy watching him play pro.
I have never see anything close to it in all my years of following college football, he single handedly demolished USC. Watch out NFL, here comes Vince!

Of course I may be a bit biased, I did go to Texas ;-)
I agree, one of the most exciting games I've seen in years...

As much as Vince Young took the game on his shoulders, he was facing a USC defense which was far from the best in Division 1 footbal...

in terms of him in the NFL, I agree with Tvad, while the USC offence has 6-7 NFL ready players, their defense have maybe 1 NFL 1st round pick, in the NFL, you face 11 First round NCAA players.
No to mention, the NFL generally prefers quarterbacks who step up into the pocket versus take off running. NFL QBs lose value with broken limbs, ribs, and collarbones.

No disprespect to Vince Young.
After seeing what Mr. Young did to my maize and blue alma mater at last year's Rose Bowl, I was glad to see that it wasn't just the Michigan defense that couldn't handle him. I don't know how he's going to do in the pros, but you cannot deny that he has put together two successive great performances in the Rose Bowl. And Kubla, get hi-def, it's incredible to watch these types of games in hi-def!
I'm from Texas and last night's game was one of the best
colleage match-ups that I can remember seeing. I thought that Texas would wear down USC and that the game would turn decisively to Texas late. In my estimation that was not the case, but more of two heavyweights going toe-to-toe, blow-for-blow to the end. I think that Texas was very fortunate to win the game and especially since there was the missed field goal and extra point (I'm glad for the kicker that it didn't come down to that). My family and I watched the game
in HD in our Home Theatre room on our 50" Plazma, Dunlavy speakers, etc. Last night made it worth the investment!!
It was a great match up and Vince was fun to watch. If his receivers had better hands, he might not have had to run as much -- he's a pretty good passer so that should earn his way into the NFL even if running won't work in the big leagues.

By the way, didn't you love how the announcers kept showing the missed call (knee down) when Texas got a touchdown but never again mentioned the flubbed call on the interception when the ground caused the ball to pop out on the Texas defender? Unlike the Iowa game (boy, did they get screwed), at least these bad calls cancelled out!

Great game! Great picture quality!
I too am from Texas......... Make that Austin Baby! The town is on it's ear, the tower is orange and, we are number one. Here is to all the doubters who said we couldn't hang. Sorry to gloat but being a UT fan hearing the non-stop USC is going to kill UT hype I feel we have earned the right (for a while at least).

I have been watching VY for long time now and let me tell you, HE IS THE REAL DEAL. He has succeded at avery level so far.... There is no doubt he will be great in the NFL when he decides to go. You really have to see him play live to understand what I mean but, I'm glad the rest of the country got to see him on TV at least.

The games HD broadcast was really great. I only wish there was more programming available.
Ozfly Its about time someone mentioned My Hawkeyes getting royally screwed with at least 5 rediculous calls. Except for the announcers during the game, no one has said anything. I wonder if this is a fear of retaliation by the NCAA. Anyway, Mr. Young showed how stupid and political the Heisman vote went. He beat 2 Heisman winners and White who played the best for USC singlhandedly. Young only got 5 votes for the Heisman. At least Reggie Bush has class. My thought about the NFL is maybe he ought to stay in college one more year to hone his passing skills. It helped him this year. Dan
Well I think we saw a good game and yes I am a sore looser.--Jeez, you don't throw away 3 points in the first quarter. Even when SC was ahead early they didn't look good. It seems everytime (one exception) our Reggie headed straight out of bounds whenever they gave him the ball.---(To many accolades / to soon??) Then;-- how can you let Vinny run right so many times??????
There are many Heisman winners that had much trouble in the pros. In the end; I've never seen a QB like Vinny. And,yup, it was great in HiDef.
What I can't get over about Young is how smoothly and easily he seems to run, yet no one can catch him or bring him down when they do hit him. Avguygeorge is saying the same thing I said in last year's Rose Bowl, but the fact is Young is faster and bigger than he seems, he is very hard to stop even when you know what he's doing. In the pros I don't think he'll be able to do that as easily (he won't be bigger than the LBs coming after him, for one thing), but his passing skills have improved markedly over last year's Rose Bowl to the point that I think he should do well in the pros based on his leadership skills and his passing ability, with the running being an added bonus.

By the way, as good as this year's Rose Bowl was, I thought last year's was even better, and my team lost too (can't believe that field goal just got over the bar!).
brauser - i'm so sure that was something else on your system! who would have thought football would get me into hi def? i saw one game in hi def at a store - i sat there for about an hour until it was over. amazing.

One thing i noticed about vince young is that it doesn't look like he takes steroids. will they ever get steroids out of the NFL? it would take a miracle.

Well, he made a college football fan out of me. i can't wait for next year! hopefully i'll have something to watch the game on besides my computer monitor!
Kubla- the amazing thing about good HD is that you will watch almost anything that is done well. Not all HD programming as at the same level, but boy was that fun to watch on my fujitsu plasma (only 42" but its a small room). As a former SC grad student, I was amazed by 2 things- missed tackles and Reggie's near absence. I still can't believe that they did not put a shadow on Young on that last sequence. Short field should let you take one LB and have him follow Young everywhere.