Very frustrated with Electraglide - Poor service

Having one heck of a time with Scott Hall at Electraglide. I sent him 2 Power cables back in November 2001 to be Upgraded and so far only got one back!! I have sent him multiple e-mails and recently call him and each time he promised to send it and again nothing!!! He sound like a nice guy on the phone but maybe his people/shipping need to be improved.

Anyone with any suggestions, i paid him $600 in advance 6 months ago and i am trying to be patient but 6 months for a Power Cord upgraded is getting RIDICULOUS!!!

I can complaint to BBB and i did paid with Post office Money Order and have all the e-mail correspondence!!
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Email me your name and phone number I will call Scott tomorrow on your behalf.
I personally have had very poor customer service myself from quite a few "smaller" manufacturers over the years! I hope you get it straightened out.
I got similar service from Audible Illusions a few years back, when they had my money for about the same amount of time! Now, I'm pressently dealing with a smaller speaker manufacturer, which I sent almost $2k to about 2 months ago, and I'm still waiting to get my product back from them.
Good luck to you....keep us posted as to if you ever get it settled. I'll also keep people posted as to my scenario, and will divulge names and companies if mine goes into extra, unneccessary, innings as well! ...Bad mom-and-pop companies, bad!...
William Scott Hall gave me a bad check (still on file)of $2275 for a COD payment in 1997. He paid me back with a broken Sony DTC-75 DAT machine and one power cord (totaling $700)in 1998. I never received a dime from him since. He still owes me $1575. He told me he'll pay me off as soon as his Electraglide business takes off. I even at one point would take cords as payment but he never did anything. I had over ten other victims by him contacted me at the time when the story (originated by someone else) came out in 1997.
Anyone have doubt about my story should check with the Charleston (SC)TV Channel 2 (or maybe it was Ch.4)Action News crew. They did a story on him and his then Satellite business. I have more details if needed.
I have also left numerous emails to have my interconnects upgraded and I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ONE RETURN REPLEY.
There are some reputable firms out there. I'm sure you saw the recent post for "Kora". Recently I put a favorable post for "Thiel" which solicitated favorable comments about "Conrad-Johnson" and others. Interestingly enough these posts seem to draw consistent confirmation with nary a counter complaint.I understand that many of us would like to sponsor an emerging firm with promising products, but we may be shooting ourselves in the foot if these new firms have neither the financial resources or business acumen to survive in what is at this time a rather mature industry. This forumn is excellent opportunity to reward the honest, capable firms and weed out the misfits. Thank you for doing your part in supporting our community.
Recently purchased a brand new Fatman K power cord.He overcharged me by $12.50 since he wanted the payment sent overnight. Of course there was a glitch and he got my money order several days later. He was hopping mad but it was a USPS error. He did refund my $12.50 back as promised.I find him to be very tempermental and needs to be handled with kid gloves.Sometimes he responds to e-mails and other times he doesn't.You figure? Steve
I am afraid to send in my cord now! I have a Mk I and a Mk II cord that I was thinking about upgrading to the latest model. I had e-mailed him several times to ask about the difference between the 2000 Gold version and his new "Kapton" version, but never got a straight answer from him. He wants to charge me more money for upgrading a Mk II to the current version than what he's charging for an upgrade from Mk I.

I think I will just buy the latest model from Audiogon...
There seems to be a consensus that it is difficult dealing with this manufacturer.That is why they have dealers and although I've not had the pleasure or displeasure of dealing directly with Electraglide, I've had all completely positive communications and service with one Electraglide dealer, A Sanctuary of Sound. Stewart will do everything possible to work with you in making a positive transaction. There are some brilliant designers who make wonderful products but their personalities may not be very customer-oriented or diplomatic.This may or may not be the case in these situations. This could be a situation where if you like the product, then try to work with the dealer. Perhaps then your needs and wants may be met.
Just received an e-mail from Scott Hall that he had decided to discontinue the upgrade program. I hope all of you that have sent in your cords in for upgrades will get your cords back from him.
I sent Scott Hall a Digiglide cable for RCA to BNC factory modification. After about a month and many long-distance phone calls I recieved the Digiglide back at a cost of $150.00 plus shipping. It didnt work. After leaving messages for Scott Hall he finally called me back and was apologetic stating the solder connection was probably broken during shipping. At this time he promised to fix the problem and give me one of his premium digital cables above the Digiglide to make up for the inconvenience to me. Well, after several more weeks and many more long distance calls I finally recieved my Digiglide but nothing else.
This is sad feedback about a supposedly prominent manufacturer. At this rate, Electraglide may be on their way out. Look out for Zu Cable. This company is making great strides in technology and give excellent consumer service and response.
I am sorry to hear of your problems with dealing direct with Electrglide. I love Electraglide's products but, have always dealt with Stewart at SOS. Stewart offers the full Electraglide line at GREAT prices and even better customer service.
If you guys only knew more about this "prominent" manufacturer...
Being from Charleston, I've heard some interesting stories.
It's funny what a Stereophile review can do for a "company".

Did you guys now that you can write Stereo Equipment off as a business expense (test equipment)if you can show a profit in the cable manufacturing business?

I bet some people did (hint hint)...
I like to thank Stewart from SOS to try and help but with Electraglide it's like talking to a WALL!!!

So far NO sign of my Power Cord - so take my advice and DO NOT deal with the company directly and go through a dealer instead which carry more clout; but it's still very disappointing when they treat their customer directly this way.

Try David Elrod's power cord instead (same technology - David used to be with Electraglide but now has his own company) - Elrod is a much better power cord and he is a
gentleman and treat his customer better unlike SCOTT!!!
Webpage? e-mail? Phone number?
He does not have a web page yet but here is his e-mail:

Go to Audioasylum web site and do a search on Elrod under cables; there is a fair amount of reviews and opinions about this cord.
David Elrod, Electraglide's former distributor, is a gentleman and can be trusted. I have not heard his cords, but some people with some very good systems appear to be very impressed.

Regarding this post, from long experience in several capacities, my strong advice is to cut your losses and move on.