Electraglide Synapses 2

I am very interested in feedback from those who have auditioned the Electraglide Synapses 2.
Did anyone made a comparison between the Synapses 2 and the Epiphany X?

Thanks for your feedback!
I have a Synapsis 2 in my system and it is a remarkable cord. It is very open, detailed and has a lot of punch and just has an uncanny ability to make the music sound right. It replaced a Nordost Vishnu (too bright) and a Cardas Golden Reference (Nice but not as dynamic as the Synapsis). I have tried the Epiphany 3 which is sort of entry level for Electaglide and was quite good in it's price range. The Epiphany X is a higher level than the Epiphany 3, but I have never heard it. I can't imagine it being much better than the Synapsis. Hope this helps.
Cyclonicman - Tank you for the feedback!

Maybe someone also have made any comparison between Electraglide Epiphany X, Synapses and Acoustic Zen power cords / Absolute, Gargantua, Krakatoa.

I am looking for a very "nice" cord that fits perfect with a Densen integrated / B-130 or B-150.

A small and simple system:
Densen B-110 / next upgrade: Densen B-130 or 150 (not sure)
Densen B-420 CD / with Purist Audio Dominus PC
Audio Agile Step Compact speakers
Acoustic Zen Hologramm II
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II

Any comments about the combination?

Thanks again
No more feedback to the Electraglide Synapses 2?
If you can find a good used one for a dirt-cheap price, give it a try on your component. Odds are slim that someone with either of those Densen integrateds has tried the EG Synapsis II on them. Let your own ears decide.
Any more experience with the Synapses 2?
I recently bought an EG Synapses #1 on auction. Will power it up to my DCS Elgar+ to see the difference

The Synapses #1 does not seem to weigh anything. (kinda light) - can anyone confirm this.

More later
Hello Thongoo,

I know the powercord very well, and it's one of the best powercords Electraglide has made the past years. There is not much or no comparison with the Epiphany X and little with model Synapses 1. They are much more about resolution and transparancy, but the Synapses 2 is more than that. It has resolution, colours, musicality, 3 dimensionality, etc. I can recommend it with confidence. I have not heard there new EG SOTA cable, maybe it is even better. Take into account that the brake-inn time is very long for the Synapses 2.

If you want really much better, than look into Advanced Listening Audio Cables, and you probably reached the end of the search for cables. It is build in Germany, so I don't know if the cable can be fitted with the right wallplug.

With kind regards,

Countguarneri - thanks for the comment.

I just got two Electraglide Synapses-2 and will audition them with my Densens / B-150, B-420 this weekend.

I hope to get my new Isotek Orion also within the next days.
How did the Synapses 2 work out on your Densen integrated?
Hello Sherod,
I do like them! In my opinion a very good combination - smooth, clean, powerfull with a little bit of soul. With my Marten Miles III: sometimes a little bit too powerfull - with my Audio Agile Step Compact and a REL sub: the perfect match.
This moment I am also testing a PAD Dominus at the B-420: very, very good!!!
The Dominus is still a very special PC - one of my absolute favorites.
Best regards, thomgoo
FYIF, The difference between the Synapses 1 and the Synapses 2 is that the Synapses 1 is constructed of copper, whereas the Synapses 2 is constructed with silver.
Hello Cyclonicman,
thanks for the information.
Best regards, thomgoo