Used amp recommendation

Monitor Audio GS60 Speakers.  Aragon 18K Pre Amp.  Cambridge Audio Azur 640C-B V2 CD.  Need new amp.  Used in $1500 range.  Suggestions?  Thanks.  
How about an Aragon 4004 to match your pre? There's one listed now at 1/2 your budget. I've had Aragon and Acurus is the past and was always pleased with them.
I'd suggest a solid (state) choice: Aragon 8008 BB or ST for around $1000 used.

Thank for great input.  I think I'll watch for an 8008 to come up.  

Audio Research 100.2. Owned one and it is a great amp. I know the Aragon amps well and Monitor Audio speakers. Not saying the Aragon aren't nice amps; worked at a shop years ago that sold them. For your budget and the speakers you have, I think you can do better. Parasound A23 or a used A21 would be a great amp as well and I have heard both on Monitor Audio's. The 100.2 is a killer amp and I probably should have kept mine. 
I am very happy with my Audio Research VT100 MK II.  There is one on Audiogon right now for $2,000.  It's a few dollars more than you are looking to spend, but it's a lovely amplifier.  ARC provides excellent maintenance service, though shipping to Minnesota for repair is a little expensive due to the weight and size.  Still, no regrets!  My previous amp was a Balanced Audio Technology VK-55.  I easily liked this amp as much or better than my ARC VT100 MK II, but I needed more power for my relatively inefficient speakers.  (In fact, I could still use more!)  Beware, going to the tubes may be a life altering experience!  Good Luck!
VT 100 MKII great amp as well and I've heard the MKI and II but not the MKIII. The 100.2 was a solid state amp. The VT 100 MKII is a bear to re-tube and bias.  I'd still go with a 100.2 regardless of the maintenance and cost of the tubes on the VT 100. My father has a VT 50 which is a great amp as well; less power obviously but similar in sound. It's just what one prefers... again both great amps but the 100.2 will be less money, no tube cost but might be harder to find for good reason. Good luck finding a VT50 as well.
There is a Classe 15 listed here for $990. I owned that amp years ago and it was outstanding. Grab it before someone else does!
I had an Acurus that was unreliable, but then so was my cousin Shirley.
Thanks for all the great input.  Ended up going with a Macintosh MC2205.  
Assuming you want to stick with SS amps, then you should put Bryston on your "possibles" list. They are fine amps, have a transferrable 20-year warranty so you are covered should the amp need repair, and they provide unparalled customer service.
My suggestion also would be to get the "matching" Aragon 4004, 8008ST, or 8008BB.

Speaking of Acurus, I have owned 12 Acurus amps and none have ever had any issues at all.  All dead quiet.