Upgrading from Large Advents?

Though I love how they sound overall, I was wondering what suggestions you might have to give me more of what they do well: coherence, flat frequency response (I use BSC with 3dB midrange reduction), and a certain comfortable musicality that I haven't experienced with horns or planars. Are there modern, better speakers with a similar character? I've upgraded the XO components in addition to the BSC insertion.
Try getting another pair of the same and stack them.
Place the top pair Tweeters on bottom woofers above.
This will also let your amp see a 4 ohm load.
Cheers JohnnyR
I've been wanting to try stacking for a while, but CL has been slim pickins' lately. Thank you for encouraging me to go that route, as that really does make sense, given that I like the house sound.
I had the Advents many moons ago and I thought they were a great speaker! I have had many since(40 years). I still prefer a simple two way sealed design like the Advents. You should listen to a good monitor like the Harbeth P3ESR(now own) or the Spendor 3/5r2. You will be amazed what these speakers with their 5 inch woofers can do!
I bought the Large Advents in 1978 and had them for 20 years or so; long enough to replace the woofers twice. When I finally decided to upgrade it was because we were going from our house to an apartment for a year. First came Epos ELS3s, then Von Schweikert VR1s; both great monitors but lacking something, even after adding a sub.

I stopped upgrading when the Zu Druid Mk IV/08s got unpacked and connected. While they don't sound anything like the Advents, they gave me that same sort of satisfaction. I know the Zus aren't for everyone, but neither were the Advents. Just my experience.

Speakers are so incredibly personal.