What to pair with stacked Large Advents

Got stacked advents as my front speakers. Have a Luxman R-117 receiver. This system is for music only. I play hard rock music. What would be a good pairing for rear speakers with this system?
Your Lux can only handle 2 pair of speakers. How do you plan in add this in? I wouldn't double up on each set of binding posts. The impedance drop may just blow things up.
Not a bad idea. Never heard them but probably a good compliment to the large ones. Thanks!
Refurbished Small Advents would be a much closer tonal match (than the Baby), plus they will perform better @ higher SPL's.

Owned stacked Large Advents in the mid 70's and when ran as single pairs preferred the Small Advent (over a pair of the Large).

Never tried stacked Small's (wonder how they would sound).
I personally wouldn't add a pair of 'rear' speakers. I don't think the Luxamn could handle it, it would take away from the power needed to push the stacks. I had fun refurbishing two pairs of Advents myself, the stacked pairs can sound almost concert level.
did you consider diy upgrades to your luxman by going for lager filter caps? that may somehow compensate lack of current you need for so many speakers.
The advents are on the A channel in series. The B channel is open.
Stacked Advents are usually wired parallel, and those who have tried both say parallel sounds much better.

Would you mind describing your connections? For one of the channels wiring, take a look here,

series vs parallel

Did you connect + and - of one speaker to the + and - of the other speaker? If so, that is parallel.

If your wiring is series, you may want to try parallel. If parallel, that will be a 4 ohm load, and you should not connect any other speakers.
As I looked into a good match for rears, the small advents seem to be the right choice. Good call.....Surprised you like the small over large. Haven't heard the small. Gonna get my hands on a pair this weekend. Hope they're as good as you say.
No I didn't. Don't think that's expensive right? I would add another receiver to push the rears but don't have the room in the stereo cabinet. I added a channel selector and turn the volume down on the rears.
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