Original Advents and hi-end electronics.

I am curious if any one has ran the original Large Advents with hi-end electronics. There has been some talk in recent forums about owning "vintage speakers" I once had "stacked Advents" which were impressive. And, a single pair provided good, clean and balanced sound, better than some of the mid-fi junk of today. I am asking because I need a pair of speakers for a few months until I decide on a new hi-end speaker. Also, it might be fun just to see how well the Advents have held up sonically over time.
The midrange on these will sound clumsy and slow compared to the quicker and smaller drivered speakers of today. Other than that, i would "toss" some decent wiring into the cabinets and you'll have a very solid speaker for pennies on the dollar. Sean
If you gotta have 'em go ahead. Advents seem to be sought after collectables, especially with the natural wood cabinets(not the vinyl utility cabinets) and command top dollar. I'd only buy Advents if I were a serious collector. Other than that, don't waste your money. (I sold mine and picked up Spica tc-50's and had some money left over.) Advents are slow and lack detail and soundstage but really kick with tube amps playing classic rock. But so do the TC-50's.....
Lolo, while we basically agreed in what he should expect out of the Advent's, your comparison was not very fair. You chose a speaker that was highly advanced for its' time, uses a smaller baffle for better dispersion, soundstaging and imaging characteristics, has a smaller and much better quality driver for quicker response, lower distortion, etc... and is relatively phase accurate. How else did you expect the "dinosaur" Advent to compare ??? Try playing both speakers loud with a lot of bass content and see which one wins in those areas.... Sean
Sean , Didn't expect my opinion to be critized by you, I'm only trying to help Sunnyjim not engage in a battle of the speaker bass response at ear spliting levels. I merely suggested an alternative speaker to consider. Curious to hear what speaker you would suggest to Sunnyjim as a temporary solution....
I'm sorry if i came across as being critical or jumping on you. Your comments about the Spica's seemed to come out of left field and were not a direct comparison in terms price, size, design or performance. THAT is the point that i was trying to make rather than attack your point of view or suggestion. Your comment that the Spica's are much better performers in specific areas is NOT debatable and i agree with you. The fact that he was considering the older and larger Advent's told me that he wanted something DIRT cheap ( i can find these in pretty good shape for $75 - $175 a pair, sometimes with a 90 day warranty ) that would also do low bass. If i assumed incorrectly, i appologize for jumping to conclusions. Sean