Upgrading a Scout II, Best bang for the buck??

Hi all

I have this TT for a couple of months now and was wondering what I could do to improve it. This is my first TT in many years so I don't have much experience with TT's and I really don't have anything to compare it too.

A little bit about my rig, I am using a NOS Shure V15 XMR, a phonomena II phono stage, a Linkwitz Orion 3 speaker system and matching Thor subs.

I have aligned the cart with a Mint protractor and its sounds very good as compared to my Sony XA5400ES cd player.

I was thinking maybe a VPI ring and center weight, possibly a better stand and maybe a 2" thick peice of granite to place the scout on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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From the many posts over the years about the Scout, Gingko platforms and maple butcher block type platforms seem to be the preference of many. I was very happy with the sound of a 3 1/2" maple block under my Scout, I thought it was essential to bring out the best in it. The only thing that bugs me about the Scout is how quickly enhancements like the ring & center weight quickly escalate costs into the realm of a better table altogether. Everyone's got different thoughts about things like that admittedly.
I have a TNT Jr with super platter, upgraded motor w/single flywheel and sds and the single best upgrade was the recent addition of the periphery ring.
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I was hoping to pick up a used ring but they seem to go fast around here. I found a maple end grain chopping block 15x20x31/2 made by Michigan maple block for $92.00 will this do?

I agree with Cerrot that the periphery ring is a worthwhile upgrade.
The block you found should work fine. One additional thing I've done to mine that has increased it's functionality is to install 1/4" x 20 threaded brass inserts in the bottom. Then I installed BDR carbon fiber cones with threaded brass rods into the inserts. That way I can adjust each of the four corners of the block to get a perfectly level plane for my turntable.
Thanks for the tip Photon46, do you think the maple block is as good as the Gingko cloud 10?

I am a small VPI dealer and one of the best mods was to replace the stock feet with something like the Star Sound Audio Points. The 1/4 20 threads screw right in and 3 of my customers were very happy with them, another is trying them out now. I sell these but others made of solid brass should also work. I have a Michigan Maple block resting on a VPI TNT platform under a Classic and it works very well; I also had it under a Scoutmaster and Scout. I have FIM ball bearing isolators under the Maple block, this works even better than brass cones, which are also good. I am a FIM dealer also. The VPIs respond well to tweaking and there are many roads to try.
A high output MC cartridge such as the Dynavector DV 20XH will result in best bang for buck improvemnet, IMO.
I added the 300 rpm motor to my Scout and it was a great improvement for not much money. I think the Scout II still comes with the 600 rmp motor.
Thanks all, Do you happen to know why the differant RPM motors make a differance?

Yes Bsme85 I am concidering that cart, I have another thread going asking for comparisons of the Dyna and the Shure.
VPI Classic 3
With the 300 RPM motor you get a bigger pulley with the slower speed and it just seems to be smoother and more consistent and, I believe, it has more torque. My original Scout has the acrylic platter versus the aluminum one on the Scout II, so I am not sure if it makes as much difference with the aluminum one. But, it made a big difference for me.
According to VPI, the VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp doesn't fit the Scout.
Maybe if you upgrade the platter?
Upgrading the platter would cost around $700, I believe.
I thought a grand, but okay. I would guess it would be a well worthwhile improvement. Hey, its Christmas.
Sometimes older platters appear on Audiogon at decent prices. I personally like the acrylic better than the aluminum. I am sure that someone with a Scoutmaster will be changing to the new platter, changing to a Scoutmaster acrylic would be a good upgrade. Make sure the bearing can be changed to fit the new platter if it doesn't fit the present one.
Thanks for information on the Motor, I was told by a dealer that the ring does fit the Scout II, Is that wrong??

We're looking at $700 for the platter upgrade, $700 for the vpi outer ring, and $150 for the vpi center weight--that's a costly overall upgrade, which is why I recommended the most cost effective upgrade would be to replace the cartridge.
Yes, but the only way to give the cartridge the best tracking path, to get the most out of it, is with the platter and ring. It's vinyl. Everything is related and depends on everything else.
No question a platter upgrade should be considered.