Denon 103R cart with Scoutmaster and Black Cube SE

Any opinions on whether the affordable Denon DL-103R cartridge (0.25 mV output, compliance 5x +/- 0 -6cm/dyne)will perform alright with the VPI Scoutmaster turntable and it's 9-inch JMW tonearm? I'm using the solid state Lehmann Black Cube SE as my phono preamp.
I'm using the 103R with a Scoutmaster and am very happy. I haven't tried any other catridges (it's my first) one but for the money I'd be surprised if it can be beaten. Based on comments on Audiogon and elsewhere many agree. Cheers!

I'm planning to get a standard 103 for my system very soon. I have a standard Black Cube currently running the 301 at .3mv output. See no problems with it handling .25mv output.

From where I stand, I think you will be happy. I know I will be.

Marty Nickison
You'll need some weight on a standard JMW 9 arm, like the headshell weight from VPI, or move up to the Signature arm. I've got the same combination (Signature arm) and I switch between a 103R and a Karat...sometimes its hard to chose a winner between the two.