unmarked HDCD's

I have been digging through some cd's lately and have found a few that are NOT marked as HDCD encoded, but when I play them the HDCD indicator on my Toshiba SD-3109 dvd lights up. I thought liscensing required all HDCD discs to be marked. For example, 4 discs that I have found: Faith No More- Who Cares A Lot(the greatest hits}, God Lives Underwater- Life In The So Called Space Age, Live- Secret Samahdi, and Danzig- 6:66 Satan's Child. None of these cd's say anything about being HDCD on the jewel case or in the booklet. The Danzig cd is the one that really surprised the hell out of me. He's not known for auidiophile quality heavy metal by any stretch of the imagination. Has anyone else found some cd's that are not marked?
Yes. I have several HDCD CD's that are unmarked, but what you really want to do is check out www.hdcd.com. They list all of the CD's available in HDCD encoding. Good luck.
Yes. I've also had a recent experience where some individual tracks were HDCD and others on the same CD were not.
I have Dave Brubeck's "Take Five" on CD. It runs in HDCD and sounds like it for a 1959 recording. A friend has his "Greatest Hits" CD and the selections from Take Five also run in HDCD, so it must be correct.
I'm glad that I'm not the only one to notice this. Thanks for replying to my question. The cd's I listed above were checked on the HDCD web-site and I think the only one that was listed was the Faith No More disc. The others were not. If anyone else has found discs that are encoded but not marked please post them so I can maybe check into buying them. Thanks
Hi guys,

I did a lot of research into the subject. 

For stupid reasons, many CDs were digitally marked as HDCD, but do not take advantage of any of the features of HDCD such as dynamic range expansion or filtering. 

In essence, they are plain-Jane CDs that happen to light up the HDCD light.

If you search here on agon you can find my thread with links.


unmarked HDCD's
Many around, I love what HDCD does and am in constant search form them s/h.
I've got a two Patrica Barber Nightclub from Premonition, same recording session but with and without HDCD. The HDCD kills the non HDCD
From what I remember Prof Keith Johnson saying once make sure though that your cdp/dac has a proper Pacfic Mircosonics Development PMD100 or PMD200 hdcd chip in it, otherwise it's just doing a dsp flag reco to the bring the light on and not doing what it should. 
Cheers George
I realize there isn't much interest around here in Latin Jazz (my favorite music!;) But Cuban sax virtuoso Paquito D'Rivera embraced HDCD and released over 1/2 dz.  Also, West coast bandleader and master percussionist John Santos & his Machete Ensemble released a bunch.  Fantastic music for the more adventurous music-lover!

Well, I’d say it looks about 90% rock on here but there are others that are into Latin Music, If Latin includes Brazil and Argentina I am .
Also listen to Mexican music in my car often, it seems full of life even if I understand only 1 word in ten !
Latin Music been around a long time on west coast, a band I liked was led by Russ Gomex in the 60’s, a fine musician who could tackle anything .
If you want to talk Classical music, South American is crawling with great composers and musicians who like everything else in South American never make a blip on US radar unless it makes Latins look  bad .