Tubes For bottlehead Seduction/Pre

I am looking for tubes to fit this application, must be ultra quiet and the more detail the better. The tube family is 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, CCa, ECC88, etc, etc.
Here is an Audiogon link about the same thing from a couple of weeks ago:
I will forewarn you that this group of related drop in subs are very expensive if you find any good ones left in the vintage tube market. I don't know what the group think was on the other thread but I bet they ended up with one of the 2 Russian tubes that are in favor right now. If you got a lot o money there is a world of choices.
Money is not a problem, finding the right tube is. Do you have any advice?
I picked up a pair of nice quiet Mullards 2492's from the 60's for $110/pr from the tubemonger. I wanted a warm rich sound since i listen to blues about 90% of the time. Had some Telefunkens that sounded much more crisp and clean than the mullards.